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'Don't let them take it away!' Trump congratulates 'Crazy Bernie' as Sanders wins big in Nevada

1 hour ago

Russia isn't only behind election hacking! They're also trying to smear US over coronavirus ... according to State Department

7 hours ago

'Keep America Great with memes'? Trump retweets epic & bizarre Bollywood movie edit of his upcoming trip to India

2 hours ago

'US democracy at work': WATCH Nevada caucus ties being determined by a deck of cards

6 hours ago

Dangerous games: US NUKES Russia in 'mini exercise' attended by Pentagon chief

10 hours ago

Bernie Sanders takes early lead in Nevada Caucus based on first preference polling

8 hours ago

'Totally sane': Dems can't make up their minds about who is a supposed 'Russian agent'. Trump? Bernie? Or... both?

11 hours ago

Bloomberg is a 'foie gras & caviar' rather than 'Subway' guy, but say it out loud and the Bloombergbots will come after you

14 hours ago

Dangerous debris found inside fuel tanks of around 35 new Boeing 737 MAX jets

18 hours ago

Trump mocks 'fake news' for running 'Russian Sympathizer Bernie' smear, but doesn't miss a chance to score points

20 hours ago

'Russians helping Sanders!' MSM takes abrupt break from anti-Trump frenzy for a 'never Bernie' moment on the eve of Nevada caucus

22 hours ago

This time, we EAT the press! New show offering media critique debuts on RT America

1 day ago

'Medicare For All' could save lives & billions of dollars

22 hours ago

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4 months ago

Russiagate returns: MSM & #Resistance ecstatically exploit evidence-free NYT claim Moscow 'helping Trump in 2020'

1 day ago

Bernie or bust? Bloomberg took a beating from ALL the Democrats at the Nevada debate, but it's Sanders' race to lose

1 day ago

Facebook's Oversight Board will be Zuckerberg's patsy censors, giving him cover as he aims to control all global information

2 days ago

Make no mistake: Burger King's vaunted 'real food' burger without additives will still KILL YOU

2 days ago