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Return of CHAZ? Protesters erect barricades, set fires & loot store amid showdown with police in Seattle (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

3 hours ago

California Gov. Newsom signs law allowing trans inmates to be locked up with men or women based on their gender identity

5 hours ago

California Catholic cathedral vandalized with 'BLM', swastikas and 'Biden 2020' graffiti

1 hour ago

LAPD responding to 'officer-involved shooting' as man reportedly attacks cop at police station

6 hours ago

3 arrested after scuffles break out during Proud Boys rally in Portland (VIDEO)

7 hours ago

Atlanta fraudster set up 'Black Lives Matter' group, pocketed $200,000 in donations - FBI

11 hours ago

Car ploughs through crowd of pro-Trump counter-protesters in California as they clash with BLM rally (VIDEO)

9 hours ago

The fight begins: Dems throw laundry list of doom, gloom and disqualifiers at Trump's SCOTUS pick Barrett to block confirmation

14 hours ago

Portland Police respond to 'concerned' liberals, say the 'P' on officer's hat doesn't stand for Proud Boys; it stands for 'police'

15 hours ago

'Judges are not policy makers': Trump's SCOTUS pick Amy Coney Barrett says policy views shall not influence court decisions

16 hours ago

Donald Trump officially nominates 'eminently qualified' Judge Amy Coney Barrett to US Supreme Court

16 hours ago

Democrat activists attack Trump's Supreme Court pick Amy Coney Barrett, suggesting her kids were ABUSED or KIDNAPPED from Haiti

16 hours ago

Watching the Hawks

1 year ago

Did Coca-Cola pay scientists to downplay health impact?

1 day ago

The World According to Jesse

3 months ago

SCOTUS too powerful?

1 day ago

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11 months ago

Joe Biden isn't a foreign policy guru. He's a Stepford wife repeating 'War Party' talking points

1 day ago

Lizzo's claim that 'body positivity' is only for really fat people undermines the message it is aiming to spread

1 day ago

Hunter Biden's conflict of interest silenced by 'fake mainstream media', but Trump's own people are in on cover-up

1 day ago

United States of Anarchy: Are Democratic leaders partnering with the rabble to dethrone Trump?

2 days ago