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Most 'Havana Syndrome' Cases Unlikely Caused by Foreign Power, C.I.A. Says -- A report concluded that most cases have environmental or medical causes, but the government remains focused on investigating two dozen incidents that remain unexplained. -- Julian E. Barnes

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Wildfire and Air Quality Tracker

6 months ago

The Hostages Escaped. But Synagogues Ask, How Can They Be More Secure?

2 days ago

University of Michigan Fires Its President Over Inappropriate Relationship

3 days ago

'We're Basically Mall Cops': Texas Guard Members on Border Mission

7 hours ago

When Will the Omicron Surge Peak in California?

1 day ago

2 Marines Killed and 17 Injured in Seven-Ton Vehicle Rollover in North Carolina -- The State Highway Patrol said that the driver of the tactical vehicle had been charged with one count of exceeding a safe speed and two misdemeanor counts of death by motor vehicle. -- Michael Levenson

1 hour ago

How Oath Keepers Are Accused of Plotting to Storm the Capitol -- Here's a look at the evidence prosecutors culled to charge 11 Oath Keepers and affiliates with sedition— the most serious charge yet in the Jan. 6 investigation. -- Denise Lu -- Eleanor Lutz

2 hours ago

Biden Predicts Putin Will Order Ukraine Invasion, but 'Will Regret Having Done It' -- President Biden's comments went well beyond the formal intelligence assessments described by White House officials, which conclude that Russia's president has not yet decided whether to invade. -- David E. Sanger

2 hours ago

After a day of debate, the voting rights bill is blocked in the Senate. -- Without the votes to change Senate rules, Democrats had no avenue for overcoming a Republican filibuster against legislation intended to offset new state voting restrictions. -- Carl Hulse

2 hours ago

The On Politics Newsletter - How Jan. 6 Gave the 14th Amendment New Life - Legal scholars say a long-forgotten provision of the Constitution could bar from office anyone who encouraged the Capitol riot. By - Blake Hounshell - and - Leah Askarinam

5 hours ago

House Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas White Nationalist Figures -- The panel investigating the assault on the Capitol wants information from two leaders of the "America First" extremist movement. -- Luke Broadwater -- Alan Feuer

4 hours ago

Judge Dismisses Wrongful-Death Lawsuit Filed by Whitey Bulger's Estate -- The lawsuit, which sought $200 million in damages, contended that prison officials had placed the notorious Boston mob boss in harm's way when they transferred him to a federal prison where he was beaten to death in 2018. -- Michael Levenson -- Azi Paybarah

4 hours ago

In Rebuke to Trump, Supreme Court Allows Release of Jan. 6 Files -- The House committee investigating the riot received hundreds of pages of documents from the former president's White House within hours of the ruling. -- Adam Liptak

2 hours ago

Sara McLanahan, Who Studied Single Motherhood, Dies at 81 -- A Princeton sociologist and a single mother herself, she brought her own experience to her wide body of scholarly work. -- Annabelle Williams

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