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Ohio Man Charged in Video Threatening Jewish Center, Officials Say

10 minutes ago

Briefing -- Your Monday Briefing -- Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Oil Tanker: Here's what you need to know. -- Chris Stanford

10 minutes ago

U.S. -- Unpaid Miners Blocked a Coal Train in Protest. Weeks Later, They're Still There. -- A protest by a group of coal miners in Harlan County, Ky., has grown into a small 24-hour tent city. -- Campbell Robertson

10 minutes ago

Economy -- How Job Retraining Can Yield Lasting Wage Gains (It Isn't Cheap) -- A San Antonio program offers a rare American success story in helping workers attain better lives. Its guiding principle: "We will not let them fail." -- Nelson D. Schwartz

10 minutes ago

How Trump's Policies Are Leaving Thousands of Asylum Seekers Waiting in Mexico

19 hours ago

Amid the Kale and Corn, Fears of White Supremacy at the Farmers' Market

19 hours ago

'It's Not the Same': Why War Refugees Who Helped Revive St. Louis Are Leaving

8 hours ago

When Cities Try to Limit Guns, State Laws Bar the Way

14 hours ago

Why an Heiress Spent Her Fortune Trying to Keep Immigrants Out

4 days ago

11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

2 days ago

A Texas-Size Political Scandal Threatens Powerful House Speaker

23 hours ago

Asia Pacific -- Hong Kong Protesters Love Pepe the Frog. No, They're Not Alt-Right. -- To much of the world, the cartoon frog is a hate symbol. To Hong Kong protesters, he's something entirely different: one of them. -- Daniel Victor

1 hour ago

Politics - On Politics: Trump's Economic Conspiracy - As the economy shows ominous signs, the president has started to blame outside forces conspiring against him.

5 hours ago

Health -- A Nun, a Doctor and a Lawyer — and Deep Regret Over the Nation's Handling of Opioids -- In an Appalachian town, an unlikely group of activists recognized the early stages of the deadly drug epidemic, and fought in vain to stem its rise. -- Barry Meier

7 hours ago

White House Memo -- In Economic Warning Signals, Trump Sees Signs of a Conspiracy -- The president has accused his own Federal Reserve chair, other nations and the news media of working against him to derail the economy. -- Maggie Haberman

9 hours ago

Times Insider -- No Pre-Reading, No Rehearsing: How 'The Weekly' Kept Its Recreation of Historic Opioid Testimony Authentic -- The Times TV show's producer/director shares the challenges and rewards of bringing to life witness testimony against Purdue Pharma in a way that stayed true to our journalistic principles. -- John Pappas

7 hours ago

Image - Sports - Cedric Benson, 36, Former Texas Longhorns Running Back, Dies - Mr. Benson, who played for the Texas Longhorns and three N.F.L. teams, died in a motorcycle crash, friends and family said. By - Mariel Padilla - and - Benjamin Hoffman

9 hours ago

The Long Run -- Julián Castro's Obama Moment -- He was given a star-making speaking slot at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. He's still trying to make it pay dividends. -- Amy Chozick

13 hours ago