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Wildfire and Air Quality Tracker

1 year ago

Two in Arbery Case Sentenced Again to Life in Prison; Third Man Gets 35 Years

10 hours ago

Killings of 4 Men in Albuquerque Leave Muslim Community in Fear

1 day ago

Sacramento Savors Its Underdog Moment

6 hours ago

Killings of Three Muslim Men in Albuquerque May Be Linked, Police Say

2 days ago

What to watch for in Tuesday's primaries. -- Voters in Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota and Wisconsin take their turn at the polls. -- Jonathan Weisman

3 hours ago

Times -- Video -- Law Enforcement Personnel Outside Trump's Florida Residence -- Former President Donald J. Trump said that the F.B.I. had searched Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach, Fla., home, and had broken open a safe. -- The Associated Press

4 hours ago

Republican governors criticize the Mar-a-Lago search as 'unprecedented' and 'un-American.' -- Several Trump allies echoed the former president's claims that the Justice Department was being used as a weapon against Trump. -- Eliza Fawcett

4 hours ago

Republican officials reacted with fury to news of the search. -- One Florida lawmaker suggested amending state laws regarding federal agencies. -- Alan Feuer

5 hours ago

If Trump broke a law on the removal of official records, would he be barred from future office? -- An obscure criminal law bars the removal of official records, on penalty of disqualification from holding any federal office. But it may not play out that way. -- Charlie Savage

5 hours ago

U.S. Moves to Stretch Out Monkeypox Vaccine Supply -- The approach, which would require a new emergency authorization, would involve injecting one-fifth of the current dose into the skin instead of a full dose into underlying fat. -- By -- Sharon LaFraniere -- Noah Weiland

4 hours ago

Maryland Towns to Pay $5 Million in Black Teen's Death in Police Encounter -- The family of Anton Black, who died after being held face down for about six minutes during a 2018 encounter, partly settled their lawsuit against three Eastern Shore Police Departments. -- Eduardo Medina

6 hours ago

What is a federal search warrant? -- Federal law enforcement officials' use of a warrant does not indicate guilt, but its use does indicate a sense of prosecutorial urgency. -- Glenn Thrush

6 hours ago

G.O.P. Group Targets Herschel Walker With Ad on Domestic Abuse Accusations -- The anti-Trump group's commercial in Georgia's Senate race features Mr. Walker's ex-wife describing his threats with a gun. -- Maya King

7 hours ago

Why the Soothsayers Are So Puzzled by This Year's Midterms -- People who have predicted election after election are scratching their heads about this one, as Election Day approaches. -- Blake Hounshell

8 hours ago