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Court Sides with Trump in 'Sanctuary Cities' Grant Fight

8 minutes ago

Biden Nabs Clyburn Endorsement Before South Carolina Primary

8 minutes ago

In India, Trump and Modi Talk Trade but No Big Deal Announced

21 hours ago

Sanders Has Momentum Heading Into Tonight's South Carolina Debate

1 day ago

Super Tuesday Looms as Biggest Day in Presidential Primary Calendar

1 day ago

Millennials Overlook Iconic Brands Their Parents Adored

1 day ago

Ethiopia Skips Latest US Talks With Egypt Over Dam Dispute

2 hours ago

Uighur Education Takes Root in the US

54 minutes ago

Trump to Hold News Conference on Coronavirus US Threat

2 hours ago

VOA News on Iran

2 months ago

Iran Nuclear Accord Parties Meet to Try to Salvage Deal

3 hours ago

Growing Calls for US Intelligence to Clear Up Russian Meddling Allegations

11 hours ago

US Soldier Tests Positive for Coronavirus in South Korea

4 hours ago

Democratic Presidential Candidates Say Front-Runner Sanders Can't Beat Trump

4 hours ago

Top US General in Europe Warns of China's Economic Control of Continent's Ports

14 hours ago

US Imposes Sanctions on 13 for Helping Iranian Missile Program

14 hours ago

Senators Call for Stronger Sanctions on North Korea Amid Diplomatic Stalemate

15 hours ago

Church Shooter Dylann Roof Staged Death Row Hunger Strike

19 hours ago

Trump Ally Roger Stone Says Jurors Biased; Wants New Trial

19 hours ago

Poll: Most Americans Plan to Participate in Census

22 hours ago

The Worth of a Girl

4 months ago

US Marks 400th Anniversary of Arrival of First Africans

6 months ago