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Khabib's late father Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov to have home village in Dagestan renamed in his honor after seven days of mourning

4 minutes ago

In memory of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov: Watch special episode of 'Dagestan: Land of Warriors' documentary series

12 hours ago

Sliding doors: Usman and Masvidal NARROWLY AVOID each other as welterweight rivals prepare to fly to Abu Dhabi for UFC 251 (VIDEO)

50 minutes ago

'He wanted a threesome but not a selfie!' Porn star says ex-Russia captain Arshavin turned down x-rated night over photo

20 hours ago

Footage captures teenage Russian footballer being struck by LIGHTNING in freak accident that reportedly left him in COMA (VIDEO)

23 hours ago

Team bonding: Russia captain Dzyuba celebrates winning Russian Premier League by simulating SEX with Zenit strike partner (VIDEO)

15 hours ago

'They acted like we're FBI Top 10': Sprint star pair who were FORCIBLY hauled from car with baby call UK cops 'DISGUSTING' (VIDEO)

17 hours ago

'He will play again': Teenage Russian goalkeeper struck by LIGHTNING during training 'getting better'

17 hours ago

'I'm tired of all this humble sh*t': Sweat-soaked NFL star Cam Newton follows bizarre gym tirade with ANIMAL-THEMED rant (VIDEO)

18 hours ago

'Hairy legs are the key to success': Synchronized swimming champ says they DON'T SHAVE one week prior to competition

19 hours ago

'Has he apologized?' President Trump takes aim at NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace over pit garage noose 'hoax'

19 hours ago

'A brave decision': Goalkeeper who showed fighting footwork in training QUITS football for 'true passion' of MMA (VIDEO)

21 hours ago

Another triumph for Tutberidze? Five representatives of Russia nominated for figure skating 'Oscars'

21 hours ago

COVID-19 mutates: Two strains detected (Full show)

14 hours ago

100s of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses could be thrown out

7 days ago

Breaking: The shocking news about home prices

7 days ago

Land of Warriors: RT Sport takes behind-the-scenes look at Umar Nurmagomedov fight night preparations

14 days ago

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Time to kill off the Redskins? Teams changing their names to cave in to mobs who don't watch sports will backfire

18 hours ago

Horny women of the world unite... Don't let woke puritans cancel the steamy Netflix movie 365 Days

18 hours ago

Campaign to have Mia Khalifa's porn videos taken offline does a disservice to the true meaning of 'justice'

4 days ago

Lee Camp: Connecting the dates – US media used to stop the 'threat' of peace

3 days ago