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Game show 'The Price Is Right' celebrates its 50th season

14 minutes ago

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Expert advice on finding happiness when you're feeling lonely

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1 year ago

Letter: No need for big, tin tube in downtown Tulsa

18 hours ago

Letter: Oklahoma congressional leaders ignoring pandmic

19 hours ago

Cartoon: Biden Budget Fortune Teller

18 hours ago

Ginnie Graham: Federal pandemic programs found to be effective at preventing poverty

1 day ago

Column: Those advance child tax credits going into bank accounts could blindside Americans at tax time

16 days ago

Ginnie Graham: Most pressing issues in Tulsa are growing divides

14 days ago

Letter: Test every woman leaving the Texas border for pregnancy

12 days ago

Editorial: Who are Oklahomans to believe about COVID data? Hospitals or the state?

10 days ago

Letter: Stitt just wanting to help his private-business buddies

7 days ago

Editorial: Oklahoman needs Stitt's undivided attention on the pandemic, not in Afghanistan

19 hours ago

Editorial: Biden's vaccine mandate necessary to keep a healthy American workforce

1 day ago

Editorial: Best way to stretch a donated dollar is by giving it to the Tulsa Area United Way

2 days ago

Editorial: Get a vaccine to honestly honor those who died from COVID-19

3 days ago

Editorial: Ignore hateful rhetoric; Welcome fleeing Afghans into Oklahoma and Tulsa

4 days ago

Editorial: Congressman Kevin Hern's view on health care could find bipartisan support

5 days ago

Column: Furthering Tulsa's rich Latino culture in the mission of the Hispanic American Foundation

19 hours ago

Column: Biden putting Andrew Jackson's theory of executive power to the test

19 hours ago

Column: Movement for new entrepreneurial start-ups is key to an Oklahoma Top Ten future

19 hours ago

Cartoon: Behavior Problem

1 day ago

Ginnie Graham: Americans have pushed for a more perfect Constitution

2 days ago

Letters to the Editor

1 year ago