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Pitting the border against aid for Ukraine is a fool's choice

9 hours ago

Faith leaders, including some evangelicals, central to migrant rights movement

1 day ago

Anthropologist: CPAC displays how Trump's base believes he is a savior

2 days ago

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley seems unable to connect with young voters -- Although former Gov. Nikki Haley is on the ballot in Saturday's GOP primary, none of the dozen South Carolina young people interviewed recently said they would vote for her in the 2024 presidential election.

9 hours ago

As Israel's assault on Rafah nears, Egypt preps for flood of Palestinian refugees -- Satellite imagery and video footage have emerged suggesting Egypt is building a large, concrete-walled enclosure, which observers believe will be used to manage a major influx of Palestinian refugees from Gaza.

1 day ago

Young people lukewarm about Joe Biden; giving them more info doesn't help much -- Recent polling for the November election shows that President Joe Biden is struggling with young voters, who have traditionally supported Democrats.

2 days ago

Only Joe Biden can win or lose the 2024 election -- With more than eight months remaining before the Nov. 5 election, and even though some polls seem to favor Donald Trump, no one really knows who will win.

3 days ago

Potassium in soil running low, threatening global food security -- Soils around the world are running low on potassium, a key nutrient needed for plants to grow. This ultimately means we may not be able to grow enough food for everyone.

6 days ago

Russian nuclear weapons in space could ignite an arms race -- The recent revelations about Russian space weapons raise the specter that countries may decide to deploy nuclear weapons in space at some point. Some have tried before.

6 days ago

U.S. court could order gunmakers to pay billions to Mexico for arming gangs -- The government of Mexico is suing U.S. gunmakers for their role in facilitating cross-border gun trafficking that has supercharged violent crime in Mexico.

7 days ago

Immigrants do work that might not otherwise get done, bolstering U.S. economy -- Although Congress is failing to pass laws to restrict the number of migrants arriving in the United States, a majority of Americans -- about 6 in 10 -- believe there's an immigration crisis along the Mexico-U.S. border.

8 days ago

Life in America is becoming a continuous nightmare -- One advantage of a nightmare is waking up. In America, life is becoming one continuous nightmare. And waking up does not seem to be an option.

9 days ago

China's doom loop: Smaller, older population could spur global slowdown -- In 2023, China's population declined from 1.4118 to 1.4097 billion people. The U.N. suggests China's population will dip to 1.313 billion by 2050 and to about 800 million by 2100. This will have global ramifications.

10 days ago

Atlantic Ocean is headed for a tipping point in the Gulf Stream -- If global warming shuts down the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, which is crucial for carrying heat from the tropics to the northern latitudes, how abrupt and severe would the climate changes be?

13 days ago

Benjamin Netanyahu's position more uncertain as Israeli PM rejects Hamas deal -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected a cease-fire plan put forward by Hamas. Claiming that an Israeli victory in Gaza is "within reach," Netanyahu has vowed to fight until Hamas is destroyed.

14 days ago

Americans spend millions on Valentine's Day roses -- Wednesday is Valentine's Day -- an occasion that traditionally combines romance with big business. One of the biggest businesses is selling roses, which Americans increasingly love.

15 days ago

Had Donald Trump won a second term in 2020, it would've been a disaster -- In the 1980, Ronald Reagan asked the blockbuster political question that would obliterate Jimmy Carter's candidacy: "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" In 2024, that question may be resurrected.

16 days ago

U.K., U.S. may recognize state of Palestine after Gaza war -- The U.S. and U.K. governments have indicated they are considering recognizing Palestine as a state after the current conflict ends. Here's what that would mean.

17 days ago

Lunar science entering new phase, with moon landers to study solar wind -- For the first time since 1972, NASA is putting science experiments on the moon in 2024. And thanks to new technologies and public-private partnerships, these projects will open new realms of scientific possibility.

20 days ago

Putin warns West: Sending troops to Ukraine would risk 'nuclear destruction of civilization'

9 hours ago

Yes, Donald Trump's PACs really can pay his legal fees

6 hours ago

Ultra-processed food linked to 32 different illnesses

6 hours ago

Former WWE wrestler 'Billy Jack' Haynes charged in shooting death of his wife

3 hours ago

Washington road sign hacked to warn of 'Angry Raccoons Ahead'

3 hours ago