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First all-civilian crew to orbit Earth blasts off on Inspiration4

3 days ago

Voices - Instagram's harm to teen girls is well-documented - Sept. 17 (UPI) -- Facebook officials had internal research in March 2020 showing that Instagram is harmful to teen girls' body image and well-being but swept those findings under the rug.

2 days ago

Forceful vaccine messages can backfire with holdouts

2 days ago

U.S. is drifting from national state of cohesion

3 days ago

Peril for Afghan allies left behind shows incompetent refugee system

4 days ago

Taliban may rely on minerals, drugs, China to finance Afghan government -- Now that the Taliban have reportedly taken full control of Afghanistan and begun forming a government, a looming challenge awaits: How will they keep their country and economy afloat financially?

2 days ago

Transition to clean energy requires variety of incentives -- The past two years have witnessed increasingly vocal calls for rapid decarbonization of the global economy through a clean energy transition.

3 days ago

Don't believe Britain's bleak outlook on U.S. 'isolationism' -- U.S. President Joe Biden is a firm internationalist and will not abandon ship over NATO and America's Pacific allies, despite the bleak outlook from Britain.

4 days ago

Withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq could be catastrophic -- Following the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, handing victory to the brutal Taliban, there are growing fears that President Joe Biden may also withdraw the American military totally from Iraq.

5 days ago

Ida's record rainfall in NYC, Northeast driven by climate change -- Evidence is mounting that, as the climate warms, the amount of precipitation from heavy rainstorms is increasing, especially in the central and eastern United States, where Ida broke records.

9 days ago

In Afghanistan, opium is as big a winner as Islamic extremism -- After more than 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan, the withdrawal of United States-led forces is causing a humanitarian crisis as the Taliban take control of the country.

10 days ago

The real nightmare begins: Afghanistan as a failed state -- In thinking about Afghanistan, pick a date over the next four or five months. That could well be when it becomes absolutely clear that the Taliban were incapable of governing Afghanistan and its 38 million people.

11 days ago

IS-K violence could force West into unlikely alliance with Taliban -- The decades-long conflict in Afghanistan was always far more than a simple case of the Taliban versus the Afghan government, or a U.S.-led "war on terror."

12 days ago

Rejoining Iran nuclear deal would repeat U.S. mistakes in Afghanistan -- After the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, observers must be shaking their heads in bewilderment at the attempts by the U.S. and EU to restore the moribund nuclear deal with Iran.

16 days ago

U.S., France shaped Haiti's long history of political turmoil -- The powerful earthquake that struck Haiti on Aug. 14 followed a long series of natural and human-caused disasters to rock the country.

17 days ago

Global war on terror has been an unmitigated failure -- Spoiler alert: We are not winning the global war on terror. If the past 20 years of fighting terrorism by military means have shown us anything, it is that going to war makes things worse.

18 days ago

America's strategic amnesia blocks lessons from Afghanistan's past -- Given America's poor record in winning wars over the past seven decades, a major cause has to be a flawed gene in the nation's strategic DNA. But strategic amnesia is another factor.

19 days ago

Afghanistan shows Uncle Sam's role as world policeman wearing thin -- Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan. The list of wars the Americans have lost continues to grow.

20 days ago

School mental health services face workforce shortages, spike in student needs -- Schools can serve as critical access points for mental health services. But the intensity of challenges students face coupled with school mental health workforce shortages is a serious concern.

23 days ago

COVID-19 vaccine booster could help people with weakened immune systems -- As of July 2021, nearly half of the vaccinated people hospitalized with breakthrough COVID-19 infections were immunocompromised. A third dose of COVID-19 vaccine can help protect those with weakened immune systems.

24 days ago

Universal basic income approach to SNAP benefits could end food insecurity -- Three models show different ways the government could give all Americans benefits that enable them to purchase what they need for a balanced diet.

25 days ago

FBI: Human remains found in Wyoming 'consistent' with description of Gabby Petito

3 hours ago

Tropical Storm Peter to pass near Lesser Antilles

4 hours ago

Chris Rock says he tested positive for COVID-19

2 hours ago

Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa carted off after hard hit from Bills

7 hours ago

Cumbre Vieja volcano erupts in Spain's Canary Islands

7 hours ago