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Voices - 'Digital iron curtain': Russia's grip on online access threatens global Internet - July 1 (UPI) -- Since the start of Russia's war on Ukraine in late February, Russian Internet users have experienced what has been dubbed the descent of a "digital iron curtain."

3 days ago

WNBA star Brittney Griner's release uncertain as trial begins in Russia

3 days ago

America's two-front defense strategy is a ticking time bomb

4 days ago

Supreme Court's football decision is a game-changer on school prayer

5 days ago

Gunboat diplomacy: Iran ramps up aggression in Strait of Hormuz -- Gunboat diplomacy is defined in terms of international politics as the pursuit of foreign policy objectives by displaying signs of aggressive naval power, implying the threat of warfare if agreeable terms are not met.

3 days ago

Red flag laws saved 7,300 Americans from gun deaths in 2020 alone -- Congress is poised to pass the first gun control legislation in three decades. Among the elements in that legislation is support for states to pass what are called "red flag laws."

4 days ago

Supreme Court shifting view on state funds for students at religious schools -- For nearly three-quarters of a century, one issue in education has come up before the Supreme Court more than any other: disputes over religion.

5 days ago

If Donald Trump were convicted, Joe Biden would have to consider a pardon -- President Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon after the Watergate fiasco no doubt helped Jimmy Carter win the 1976 election. But Ford was right then and right now.

6 days ago

BTS caught between Korea's soft power ambitions and national security -- The decision by K-pop sensation BTS to take a hiatus is breaking hearts globally. But, unlike the Beatles or One Direction, their decision is tied to Korean politics and national security.

7 days ago

'Big lie' vigilantism is on the rise; big tech is failing to respond -- Stolen-election activists and supporters of former President Donald Trump have embraced a new tactic in their campaign to unearth supposed proof of fraud in the 2020 presidential race.

10 days ago

Colombia election: Trump-like populist vs. leftist ex-guerrilla for president -- Colombians will decide their next president on Sunday with a choice between two candidates promising "change." But what they mean by change is very, very different.

11 days ago

Legal fights persist over requiring teachers to use trans students' chosen pronouns -- In Tennessee, a proposed law would let public school teachers refuse to call transgender students by the pronouns they use for themselves.

12 days ago

Jan. 6 culminates three modern days of infamy in American history -- What might future historians conclude about the tragic state of America today and describe how the nation got here? Three dates may answer this question.

13 days ago

There is no one 'religious view' on abortion -- The Catholic Church's official line on abortion, and even on any artificial birth control, is well known: Don't do it. Surveys of how American Catholics live their lives, though, tell a different story.

14 days ago

Iran nuclear deal is unraveling -- The Iran nuclear deal is finally beginning to unravel.

17 days ago

British POWs' 'show trial' for Ukraine fighting may violate Geneva Conventions -- Two Britons captured while fighting in Ukraine's armed forces have been sentenced to death after what has been condemned as a "show trial."

18 days ago

China, U.S. winning in global arms industry shakeup spurred by Ukraine war -- Russia's war in Ukraine is upending the global arms industry.

19 days ago

Biden visit to Saudi Arabia puts him between Putin and MBS -- Poor Joe Biden. He is caught between a current-day Scylla in the form of Russian President Vladimir Putin, aka "war criminal" and the Charybdis of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aka human rights "pariah."

20 days ago

U.S., U.K. missiles will help Ukraine challenge Russia's artillery dominance -- The U.S. and U.K. have agreed to send Ukraine several medium-range missile systems, despite continuing threats and warnings from Russia about the consequences.

21 days ago

Texas politicians search for solutions to mass shootings; experts say we have them -- A fruitless and predictable myopia tends to take over political discussion after gun-spawned tragedies like the massacre in Uvalde, Texas.

24 days ago

Jay Hernandez thanks fans for support in 'Magnum' network switch

10 hours ago

Florida-based ice cream company linked to deadly listeria outbreak

8 hours ago

Death toll grows after Marmolada glacier collapse in Italian alps

6 hours ago

'Stranger Things' star Joseph Quinn stunned by magnitude of Eddie Munson love

10 hours ago

Three men presumed drowned after rescuing child in California

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