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Jerusalem marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

1 month ago

Voices - Imagining Lucy: What the 3.2 million-year-old fossil says about nudity, shame - Popular renderings of the Lucy fossil dress her in thick, reddish-brown fur, with her face, hands, feet and breasts peeking out of denser thickets. This hairy picture of Lucy, it turns out, might be wrong.

1 day ago

Jewish division over Israel has long history in America

1 day ago

Wider than the Atlantic: Gaps between the U.S., NATO Europe and Russia

2 days ago

U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods demonstrate free trade myth

3 days ago

Abortion bans shaping entire generation of young people -- The Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision has fundamentally changed the experience of adolescence and young adulthood in America.

1 day ago

Americans today are divided, not united, by public tragedies -- Public tragedies have contributed to the increasing political polarization and the sectarian tone of political rhetoric today.

2 days ago

Secret recording of Supreme Court justices raises legal questions -- Supreme Court justices Samuel Alito and John Roberts being secretly recorded raises questions about the reality of electronic surveillance and U.S. surveillance protections.

3 days ago

U.S. democracy is really and truly at risk -- For the first and only time since 1776, both presidential candidates and their parties assert and believe the other is a clear and present danger to democracy. Worse, many Americans of both political parties believe it.

4 days ago

Independent voters are 'highly prized and highly elusive' -- As the 2024 campaign cycle unfolds, campaign strategists, pollsters and political scientists have been closely watching independent voters.

5 days ago

Forgetting names, personal details doesn't determine cognitive competence of Trump, Biden -- It's problematic to evaluate the candidates' cognition based only on the critiques that have gained traction in the popular press, cognitive psychologist says.

8 days ago

Eliminating diversity programs at colleges and universities will have lasting effects -- New legislation in states like Texas and Florida have banned diversity programs. In other states, institutions are shuttering programs preemptively to avoid political pressure. This will have lasting effects.

9 days ago

Google's AI Overviews feature includes bad advice, misinformation in answers -- AI features vacuum up information from the Internet and other available sources and spit out an answer based on how they are trained to associate words.

10 days ago

Biden's immigration order is no quick fix -- Jean Lantz Reisz, an immigration law scholar at the University of Southern California, explains four key things to know about how this executive order will take effect and influence immigration trends.

11 days ago

Donald Trump is no Private Ryan -- Trump is no Private Ryan. And the virtues of Private Ryan are what the nation desperately needs.

12 days ago

Immigration scholar explains chaotic life on U.S.-Mexico border -- As debate over U.S. immigration policy heats up during the 2024 presidential campaign, separating fact from fiction on the U.S.-Mexico border becomes increasingly difficult.

12 days ago

Partisan school board elections threaten quality of public education -- Partisan school board elections put at risk the quality of the country's education system by introducing divisive national political issues into the process by which a local community governs itself.

15 days ago

Law professor explains 5 key aspects of former President Donald Trump's trial -- After Thursday's conviction of former President Donald Trump on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in New York, what comes next?

16 days ago

Meaning of flag seen outside Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's home has changed -- Homes owned by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito have flown flags linked to the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection and the general effort of Donald Trump and his supporters to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

18 days ago

New bottles, old wine: Trump's 'America First' agenda should spark debate -- As Nov. 5 and the general elections grow closer in the U.S., regarding foreign policy, Donald Trump's embrace of "America First" should engage and enrage public debate. But that will not be the case.

18 days ago

Conspiracy theories can affect anyone and lead to real-world harms -- By understanding how conspiracy theories and alternative belief systems intersect and evolve over time, you can see how anyone -- no matter their political leanings -- can become subsumed by them.

19 days ago

Cyberattack cripples U.S. auto dealerships' operations

14 hours ago

NASA pushes Starliner return to July

11 hours ago

USS Theodore Roosevelt arrives in South Korea in show of force

4 hours ago

5 die over 2 days in dangerous Florida waters

1 hour ago

Dozens killed in Gaza strikes, including one with people in tents

1 hour ago