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Rifle-wielding and unmasked man at Central Market makes everyone feel less safe [editorial]

2 hours ago

On a lawsuit filed in Lancaster County by a Russian bank with ties to Putin, and those Russian bounties on US troops [editorial]

1 day ago

LGBTQ workplace protections have been affirmed by SCOTUS, but aren't assured in Pa. They should be. [editorial]

1 day ago

Ending encrypted police communications important for police reform [editorial]

3 days ago

Lancaster County nursing home has seen the highest COVID-19 death toll in Pa. and answers are needed [editorial]

4 days ago

Good start in Harrisburg on police reform, but final results will matter most [editorial]

6 days ago

When the rule says everyone has to wear a mask in a court facility, that means everyone — even state troopers [editorial]

7 days ago

Statues and monuments reflect who we are. We should welcome the debate about them [editorial]

7 days ago

Congratulations, Speaker Cutler on your impressively rapid rise — now you have work to do [editorial]

9 days ago

Many questions and few complete answers for our educational institutions [editorial]

10 days ago

Please mask up, do what's necessary, as Lancaster County goes to the green phase [editorial]

11 days ago

Marking this World Refugee Day in the place dubbed 'America's refugee capital' [editorial]

12 days ago

Juneteenth has special resonance this year; it should be a national holiday [editorial]

12 days ago

What lessons will we take from May 31 clashes in Lancaster city? [editorial]

14 days ago

Public school education must better address race, racism and anti-racism [editorial]

14 days ago

Plea to both parties for more governance, less bickering in Harrisburg [editorial]

17 days ago

The only ones who disturbed the peace at Elizabethtown June 6 protest were armed militia [editorial]

18 days ago

Elected officials should aggressively support expectation that we should wear masks in public [editorial]

20 days ago

Debate over policing needs to be clear-eyed, inclusive — and urgent [editorial]

21 days ago

None of us, restaurant owners included, should be silent about racial injustice [editorial]

21 days ago

Balancing the risks of COVID-19 with the need to protest racial injustice, and how county officials should help [editorial]

22 days ago