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BOOKS - Bibliophiles: Elizabeth Acevedo talks about YA, sci-fi, and romance - The 2018 winner of the National Book Award for Young People's Literature (for her debut novel, "The Poet X") originally set her sights on being a rapper, which led her to slam poetry.

16 minutes ago

"Yes, changing how you breathe will help you live longer" -- Most people take breathing for granted. What could be more innate, a more organic part of everyday life?

13 days ago

In Rhode Island, plumbing history's depths with artist Ellen Gallagher -- The sea provides a fluid foundation for Gallagher's work.

6 days ago

A big birthday arrives for a filmmaker with a very big career

6 days ago

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Not Elisabeth Moss or 'Shirley'

17 hours ago

This week's TV: Recent series worth remembering, an HBO sexual-consent drama, and a new 'Dirty John'

3 days ago

An immigrant's bitterness leads to the fall of Rome in 'Alaric the Goth'

16 minutes ago

With no official guidance, houses of worship hit a cautious note on singing

16 minutes ago

Clarinetist calls on musicians to #taketwoknees for Black lives

16 minutes ago

Revisiting three film greats; revealing trouble in North Dakota

16 minutes ago

Trash or wildly inventive art? It all depends on your point of view

2 days ago

'Tommaso': a different sort of home movie, with Willem Dafoe as head of the family

19 hours ago

Some enjoyable series to get through next few premiere-free weeks

2 days ago

VMAs may set the stage for later awards shows

1 day ago

Within rom-com 'The Lovebirds,' a pointed message on racism

28 minutes ago

Human Rights Watch Film Festival goes online

5 hours ago

Want to initiate a conversation about racism and inequality with your kids? These books are a place to start

23 hours ago

In '1 Angry Black Man,' lessons that extend very far beyond the classroom

22 hours ago

'The Last Kings of Shanghai' examines the little-known history of two extraordinary dynasties

1 day ago

David Costabile's portrayal of Wags in 'Billions' tells a tale of versatility

1 day ago

Dropkick Murphys (and Springsteen) fill an empty Fenway with big-hearted showmanship

4 days ago