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Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Seinfeld, Veep and Saturday Night Live sexism: 'It was so misogynistic'

22 hours ago

By - Jane Mulkerrins

2 days ago

Rakes, rapists and 'the Devil's teat': sex through the ages

20 hours ago

Don't shame binge-watchers – TV teaches us about empathy

18 hours ago

Bake for victory! How Churchill's cook beat the Blitz

15 hours ago

Sorry, Donald Trump: Gone With The Wind should never, ever come back

14 hours ago

From Henry VIII's 'Brexit' to Holocaust denial: facts have always been twisted to suit the agendas of the power hungry

21 hours ago

June Brown's 'wet fart' EastEnders exit is a sad, insulting end for one of TV's finest actors

1 day ago

First Cow review: dairy-poaching drama is the creme de la creme

10 hours ago

The best thrillers and crime fiction of 2020 so far

23 days ago

These Silent Mansions by Jean Sprackland, review: the secrets of England's graveyards

13 hours ago

Ruby Hughes, Clytemnestra review: this enchanting performance brought a lump to my throat

16 hours ago

The 1975, O2 Arena review: the millennial Jim Morrison is back – and trying to save the world

10 hours ago

I called out Caroline Flack for her relationship with Harry Styles – and her anguished response shocked me

3 days ago

The death of Love Island presenter Caroline Flack should be a salutary lesson for our treatment of celebrities

7 days ago

Caroline Flack's death is a wake-up call – celebrities don't have a superhuman power to 'take' insults

6 days ago

When the KLF and Extreme Noise Terror outgunned the Brits: what happened next?

4 days ago

The Doors, unzipped: the naked truth about Jim Morrison's indecent exposure arrest

8 days ago

Black Sabbath at 50: how a fingerless guitarist accidentally invented heavy metal

11 days ago

Green Day, the punk years: 'One foot was at the party – the other foot was in the grave'

18 days ago

How Aerosmith are still rocking after 49 years: 'We did drugs, drugs - and more drugs'

25 days ago

Blue Monday: how the New Order hit 'broke every single law' of record sleeve design – and changed music forever

1 month ago

Welcome to the afterlife: the bizarre, horrifying history of dead bodies in art

5 days ago

Turtle rides and hair omelettes: the wild lives of the British Surrealists

6 days ago

Indecent Proposal and Hollywood's kinky 'sex bartering' fixation

10 days ago

'They call me a paedophile...that I eat children': the strange saga of the man behind Rebecca Black's Friday

9 days ago

What's on TV tonight: Hidden, Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and more

17 hours ago

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2 months ago

Court awards graffiti artists $6.7m after work destroyed by developers

2 days ago

Forget the new £20 note – it's Turner's War and Peace that dazzled me

2 days ago

The Elgin Marbles don't 'belong' to Greece – they belong to us all

3 days ago

The Come Fly with Me controversy: how did Walliams and Lucas's 'racist' comedy get off the ground?

1 day ago

David Schwimmer on Friends, his new sitcom, and his fears for Billie Eilish

2 days ago

'We used to chase cows around the field': what This Country gets right about English village life

5 days ago

Could BTS be the 'Korean Beatles'? How the pop band's lyrics are educating the next generation

1 day ago

West Side Story review, Broadway Theatre, New York: Bernstein's great musical feels thrillingly groundbreaking all over again

2 days ago

Pass Over, Kiln Theatre: a well-acted but unsubtle study of brutal racism

2 days ago

London theatre: the best plays and shows on now

1 month ago

Natalya Romaniw interview: has British opera found its Netrebko?

1 day ago

Nixon in China, Scottish Opera, review: this subtle, intelligent modern opera is still entrancing

3 days ago

Scrap the BBC licence fee? Spare a thought for The Archers and local radio heroes during floods

3 days ago

Radio 4's walk with Wordsworth filled my heart with pleasure

10 days ago

The purity spiral: how the woke police are ruining Young Adult publishing

12 days ago

The Invisible Man's Elisabeth Moss: 'I'd love to do a romantic comedy - but nobody wants me to'

9 hours ago

Friends reunited: Sitcom to return for anniversary special

16 hours ago

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