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The UK's GPS Tagging of Migrants Has Been Ruled Illegal

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Here Are the Google and Microsoft Security Updates You Need Right Now

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Ransomware Groups Are Bouncing Back Faster From Law Enforcement Busts

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How a Right-Wing Controversy Could Sabotage US Election Security

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A Mysterious Leak Exposed Chinese Hacking Secrets

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Apple's iMessage Is Getting Future-Resistant Encryption

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Biden Bans Rival Nations From Buying Sensitive US Data-Good Luck

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Dictators Used Sandvine Tech to Censor the Internet. The US Finally Did Something About It

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The UK Is GPS-Tagging Thousands of Migrants

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How the Pentagon Learned to Use Targeted Ads to Find Its Targets-and Vladimir Putin

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The Best VPNs to Protect Yourself Online

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I Stopped Using Passwords. It's Great-and a Total Mess

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Apple and Google Just Patched Their First Zero-Day Flaws of the Year

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You Need to Turn on Apple's New Stolen iPhone Tool

1 month ago

Russia Attacked Ukraine's Power Grid at Least 66 Times to 'Freeze It Into Submission'

14 hours ago

The White House Warns Cars Made in China Could Unleash Chaos on US Highways

17 hours ago

A Pornhub Chatbot Stopped Millions From Searching for Child Abuse Videos

19 hours ago

Here Are the Secret Locations of ShotSpotter Gunfire Sensors

7 days ago

A Vending Machine Error Revealed Secret Face Recognition Tech

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Leak Reveals the Unusual Path of 'Urgent' Russian Threat Warning

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A Top White House Cyber Official Sees the 'Promise and Peril' in AI

8 days ago

Signal Finally Rolls Out Usernames, So You Can Keep Your Phone Number Private

9 days ago

A Global Police Operation Just Took Down the Notorious LockBit Ransomware Gang

9 days ago

The Danger Lurking Just Below Ukraine's Surface

10 days ago

How to Not Get Scammed Out of $50,000

12 days ago

SpaceX Launched Military Satellites Designed to Track Hypersonic Missiles

13 days ago

Leak of Russian 'Threat' Part of a Bid to Kill US Surveillance Reform, Sources Say

13 days ago

Elon Musk's X Gave Check Marks to Terrorist Group Leaders, Report Says

14 days ago

Surveillance Fight Pits the White House Opposite Reproductive Rights

15 days ago

'AI Girlfriends' Are a Privacy Nightmare

15 days ago

A Backroom Deal Looms Over a High-Stakes US Surveillance Fight

17 days ago

Satellite Images Point to Indiscriminate Israeli Attacks on Gaza's Health Care Facilities

17 days ago

The Hidden Injustice of Cyberattacks

17 days ago

2054, Part VI: Standoff at Arlington

17 days ago

A Celebrated Cryptography-Breaking Algorithm Just Got an Upgrade

18 days ago

How 3 Million 'Hacked' Toothbrushes Became a Cyber Urban Legend

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2054, Part V: From Tokyo With Love

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The Far Right's Favorite Web Host Has a Shadowy New Owner

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