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The Week - Technology

Apple kills its secret electric car project - Speed Read - Many of the people from Project Titan are being reassigned to work on generative AI - Speed Read

1 day ago

AI is recreating the voices of mass shooting victims -- The Explainer -- The parents of these victims are using the AI to try and lobby Congress for gun control -- By Justin Klawans, The Week US -- Published

1 day ago

The murky world of AI training -- Under the Radar -- Despite public interest in artificial intelligence models themselves, few consider how those models are trained -- By Austin Chen, The Week UK -- Published

1 day ago

Inside the dark web: could it be shut down? -- The Explainer -- The 'shrouded alleyway of the internet' is a haven for activists as well as for illicit activity -- By The Week Staff -- Last updated

2 days ago

Is Google's new AI bot 'woke'? -- Talking Points -- Gemini produced images of female popes and Black Vikings. Now the company has stepped back. -- By Joel Mathis, The Week US -- Published

3 days ago

How AI can - and cannot - be used to help air traffic controllers -- The Explainer -- Some in the industry say AI will never replace humans, but can still be a useful assistant -- By Justin Klawans, The Week US -- Published

6 days ago

Addicted to screens? 4 tips for a digital detox that sticks. -- the explainer -- Taking a break from your phone can be good for you -- By Theara Coleman, The Week US -- Published

6 days ago

The pros and cons of virtual reality -- Pros and cons -- The digital world is expanding, for better and for worse -- By Devika Rao, The Week US -- Published

9 days ago

Cyberflashing, fake news and the new crimes in the Online Safety Act -- The Explainer -- UK's first conviction demonstrates scope of controversial law that critics describe as a threat to privacy and free speech -- By Harriet Marsden, The Week UK -- Last updated

13 days ago

The Apple Vision Pro's dystopian debut -- Why everyone's talking about -- Is "spatial computing" the next big thing? -- By Theara Coleman, The Week US -- Published

16 days ago

How AI is helping companies find valuable mineral deposits -- Under the Radar -- New technologies can trace copper, lithium and nickel with 'less environmental degradation' and cut West's reliance on China -- By The Week UK -- Published

20 days ago

Deepfake porn: a rising tide of misogyny -- Talking Point -- A sinister phenomenon is emerging, with thousands of sites dedicated to digitally manipulated images -- By The Week UK -- Published

23 days ago

Nightshade: the 'data poisoning' tool boosting fightback against AI -- Under the Radar -- Like 'putting hot sauce in your lunch so it doesn't get stolen from the workplace fridge', says creator -- By The Week UK -- Published

26 days ago

The pros and cons of drone delivery -- Pros and cons -- It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a ... drone? -- By Devika Rao, The Week US -- Published

1 month ago

Why Google search results have 'gotten worse' -- Under The Radar -- Search engines are 'flooded' with 'garbage' content, say experts -- By Chas Newkey-Burden, The Week UK -- Published

1 month ago