Page Updated: Thursday, January 20, 2022 12:46 AM ET

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Tonga's Olympic flagbearer raises over $340,000 for tsunami relief -- Tonga's government described the tsunami as "an unprecedented disaster" for the country.

10 hours ago

New photos from Tonga give clearer picture of tsunami devastation -- Tonga's government has described the tsunami that followed Saturday's volcanic eruption as "an unprecedented disaster" for the country.

11 hours ago

Blinken warns Russia could attack with "very short notice" -- Blinken's visit to Kyiv is the first of three stops in a last-minute diplomatic push to urge Moscow not to attack Ukraine.

11 hours ago

French star Gaspard Ulliel dies in skiing accident at age 37 -- Ulliel portrayed the young Hannibal Lecter in 2007's "Hannibal Rising" and fashion mogul Yves Saint Laurent in the 2014 biopic "Saint Laurent."

8 hours ago

England is about to drop virtually all anti-COVID restrictions -- Prime Minister Boris Johnson says thanks to booster shots and people following the rules, the Omicron wave "has now peaked" in the U.K., so the rules are being lifted.

12 hours ago

U.S.-born princess' treasure-filled Italian villa a bargain at $320 million -- Villa Aurora is a 16th century Roman estate packed with classic art wonders, but the most colorful piece in the place may be its soon-to-be-former owner, the Principessa Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi.

14 hours ago

U.S. boosts Ukraine aid by $200M, urges Russia to choose "peaceful path" -- The U.S. Secretary of State says Russia is poised "to take further aggressive action against Ukraine" but hopes Putin will choose diplomacy.

14 hours ago

Calls mount for Prince Andrew to lose his Duke of York title -- One British lawmaker from the ancient city says the prince's title "drags us into" the scandal over his alleged sexual misconduct, "and as a proud city, we don't want to go there."

14 hours ago

Airlines rush to scrap or change flights to U.S. over 5G dispute -- Major carriers involved include Emirates and All Nippon, even as Verizon and AT&T push back the debut of their new 5G technology.

16 hours ago

Mexico threatens soccer fans with 5-year ban for homophobic chant -- The measures are the latest move in the Mexican federation's efforts to eliminate the chant, which has been directed at opposing goalkeepers and led to sanctions by FIFA. -- Jan 18

4 hours ago

Blinken to meet Russian counterpart amid rising concerns over buildup near Ukraine -- U.S. officials warned Tuesday that Russia could launch an attack at any point. -- Jan 18

6 hours ago

Jamaica has 4-man bobsled team in Olympics for first time since 1998 -- It's been 24 years since Jamaica had a four-man bobsled team in the Winter Games. -- Jan 18

9 hours ago

South Africa is over Omicron, and that may be good news for the U.S. -- Scientists believe the country has "reached a turning point in this pandemic," and their experience, along with similar pictures emerging in the U.K. and New York, is cause for optimism. -- Jan 18

11 hours ago

Images reveal devastation inflicted on Tonga by volcano and tsunami -- 2 people have been confirmed dead in the Pacific island nation so far, but communications are still patchy, and the scale of the damage is just starting to become clear. -- Jan 18

6 hours ago

Hamsters in China put down after testing positive for COVID-19 -- Anyone who bought a hamster from the store after January 7 must hand over their new pet to be put down. -- Jan 18

14 hours ago