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Middle East - Clashes, tear gas in Beirut as protests turn to riots - Protesters arrived in the Lebanon capital's downtown area in response to calls for a centralized protest to press for demands amid an unprecedented economic and financial crisis.

2 minutes ago

United States -- Two Buffalo police officers charged with assault for shoving 75-year-old man at George Floyd protest

2 minutes ago

World -- French forces kill top al-Qaida leader in Africa

24 minutes ago

United States -- Annie Glenn remembered as fighter who cared about others

24 minutes ago

Europe -- The loneliest of D-Day remembrances is hit by pandemic

8 hours ago

Italy far-right clash briefly with cops during day of demos

41 minutes ago

One man lays wreaths in Normandy on this unusual D-Day

1 hour ago

UK's rapid-fire changes on face coverings advice criticized

6 hours ago

French forces kill al-Qaida's North African commander

5 hours ago

India, China military commanders meet on frontier dispute

2 hours ago

Japan advocate for daughter, others abducted to NKorea dies

5 hours ago

Hong Kong's last British leader: China's agenda 'Orwellian'

6 hours ago

New Delhi nurses protest as cracks show in Indian healthcare

1 day ago

Mexico alleges some doctors sold false death certificates

15 hours ago

Venezuela jails 3 DirecTV executives as US firm cuts service

17 hours ago

Suriname finally issues vote results showing opposition win

19 hours ago

Anger rising in Mexico over alleged police brutality death

1 day ago

South Africa's hotspot limits most testing to above age 55

2 days ago

UN envoy holds cease-fire talks with Libya's eastern forces

2 days ago

Kenyans protest as police accused of killing homeless man

2 days ago

6 elephants killed by poachers in single day in Ethiopia

4 days ago

Australia and New Zealand

3 months ago