Page Updated: Tuesday, July 07, 2020 9:22 AM ET

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More than 20 dead after bus crashes into lake in China

7 minutes ago

China 'trying to influence elite figures in British politics', dossier claims

7 hours ago

TikTok says it will no longer operate in Hong Kong due to national security law

6 hours ago

'You should be scared': Melbourne returning to lockdown after spike in cases

3 hours ago

Driver fights off deadly snake while going 70mph

2 hours ago

Tory election mastermind Sir Lynton Crosby attacks 'mob mentality' in media

2 hours ago

Stock markets surge globally after China's biggest daily rise since 2015

17 hours ago

Robotic birds take to the air in amazingly realistic flight

1 hour ago

Oz driver fights off deadly snake

4 hours ago

Texan berates 'stupid' reporter for wearing mask

1 day ago

Wildflowers cover Italian plain

2 hours ago

Coronavirus: The infection numbers in real time

17 days ago

When VE Day meant victory: How the world celebrated the end of WWII in Europe

2 months ago

What's in China's new security law and why has it shocked the world?

7 days ago

What is Hong Kong's Sino-British joint declaration?

5 days ago

Woman charged after accusing black man who was bird watching of 'threatening' her

16 hours ago

Israel orders bars, gyms and clubs to shut again after post-lockdown spike

21 hours ago

World's oldest conjoined twins die at 68

3 hours ago

Protester, 24, dies after being hit by car driven through crowds in Seattle

1 day ago

Iran claims it has 'missile cities' as 6 incidents prompt theories it is under attack

1 day ago

Composer of iconic scores in 'Spaghetti Western' movies dies at 91

1 day ago

Rare 'brain-eating' amoeba infects person in Florida

1 day ago

'A clear and truthful defence of American history'

15 hours ago

Israel launches spy satellite

4 hours ago

'Drug plane' set alight on Mexican road

1 day ago

Wildfire spreads across Gallipoli peninsula

19 hours ago

Foreign sec will not be drawn on Saudi and Khashoggi

18 hours ago

'Hong Kong is no longer under colonial rule'

1 day ago

Dozens dead in Japan floods

1 day ago

Sydney limits passenger arrival numbers due to pressure on quarantine spaces

1 day ago

Suspected case of bubonic plague reported in China's Inner Mongolia

1 day ago

China accuses the UK of 'gross interference' in its affairs

1 day ago

Elon Musk's Tesla starts selling short shorts for $69.420

1 day ago

World has seen record 24-hour rise in coronavirus infections - WHO

2 days ago

Broadway actor Nick Cordero dies after serious coronavirus complications

1 day ago