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The scientist and the AI-assisted, remote-control killing machine

21 minutes ago

'She has been a trailblazer': Angela Merkel, the Queen of Europe, bows out of politics

7 hours ago

SpaceX capsule with world's first all-civilian orbital crew splashes down

1 day ago

Three vaccine jabs will soon become the norm, says Dr Fauci

23 hours ago

La Palma volcano erupts in the Canary Islands, forcing evacuations

8 hours ago

Russia votes, no big surprises: How does Putin's 'vertical of power' work?

18 hours ago

A year into the Abraham Accords shines a light into future

17 hours ago

British statistics suggest beaches aren't COVID superspreader hotspots

1 day ago

Police find body 'consistent with' Gabby Petito in Wyoming

3 hours ago

Shine comes off Trudeau's 'sunny ways' with Canada divided on election eve

23 hours ago

US ramps up plan to expel Haitian migrants gathered in Texas

1 day ago

The world's tallest people are shrinking. Scientists want to know why

40 minutes ago

'Ballot stuffing': Putin's party wins election but loses some ground

1 hour ago

Italy set for referendum on liberalising cannabis use, say advocates

1 day ago

Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao announces run for Philippines president

4 hours ago

Australian on Thai death row for smuggling half a tonne of crystal meth released

17 hours ago

Successful deterrence: Why AUKUS is good news for Taiwan

17 hours ago

Indonesia's most wanted militant killed in jungle shootout

20 hours ago

Taliban replace ministry for women with one restricting them

1 day ago

Not in our waters: Ardern says no to visits from Australia's new nuclear subs

3 days ago

'It's not a crisis, it's a collapse': Life in a total economic meltdown

7 days ago

'Assume the worst': coronavirus variants in Africa worry scientists

8 days ago

'Even today, we are looking for the lost ones'

8 days ago

IT guy-in-chief: El Salvador's president tries to fix country's bitcoin woes

11 days ago