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Moscow drone strike spells trouble in the air for Putin

11 hours ago

Ukrainian drone sparks fire at Russian refinery, says governor

10 hours ago

Chinese jet carried out 'aggressive' manoeuvre near US military plane, Pentagon says

18 hours ago

The war won't be over if Ukraine wins

2 days ago

'It's in our DNA': Australia vows not to ignore human rights as it finalises India trade deal

15 hours ago

We've been getting cyber wrong for years, new book claims

1 day ago

Forget the debt ceiling, the entire roof's collapsing on America

1 day ago

You'll be seeing a lot more of Kamala Harris ahead of 2024 election

2 days ago

Sainthood push for US nun whose body was found intact four years after death

2 days ago

Concern and jokes as 'Russian spy whale' turns up in Sweden

13 hours ago

Biden's accuser in Moscow seeking Russian refuge with help of ex-spy

17 hours ago

Moscow 'under attack', says mayor confirming drones hit residential areas

1 day ago

From the Archives, 1968: De Gaulle... adieu or encore ?

2 days ago

From the Archives, 2001: Royal family slain

2 hours ago

'I guess it is not a war': Evacuation alerts, false alarm causes panic in Seoul after North Korea launch

15 hours ago

Inside South Korea's race to become one of the world's biggest arms dealers

21 hours ago

'No timeframe or conditions' on Albanese's visit to China

1 day ago

Maduro's isolation ends with visit to Brazil despite $23m US reward for his arrest

1 day ago

Uganda enacts law imposing death penalty for LGBTQ 'serial offenders'

1 day ago

Archaeologists discover biggest ever Egyptian mummification workshop

2 days ago

'The most unfair election in years': Turkey divided as Erdogan extends his rule

2 days ago

Buckingham Palace refuses to return 'stolen' Ethiopian prince's remains

7 days ago

US signs new security pact with PNG amid competition with China

9 days ago

Spectators crushed to death in stampede at El Salvador soccer stadium

10 days ago