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Earth has been pushed past its safe limits for humans, scientists say

1 hour ago

Sudanese army suspends ceasefire talks with rival

1 hour ago

India's wrestlers delay protest plans to throw medals into Ganges

1 hour ago

Kremlin 'alarmed' as attacks near Ukrainian border and on Russian refineries continue

1 hour ago

UN appeal court increases sentences for Serbs convicted of war crimes

1 hour ago

Ethnic Serbs gather in northern Kosovo town after clashes with Nato peacekeepers

2 hours ago

North Korea fails in attempt to launch its first spy satellite into space

10 hours ago

Woman who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault defects to Russia

10 hours ago

Nato sends 700 more troops to Kosovo, puts battalion on standby in case riots spread

21 hours ago

Jewish settler killed by Palestinians in West Bank

23 hours ago

Scotland's whisky capital looks barren as angry seagulls outnumber people

15 hours ago

Explainer: Why Kosovo's stand-off with Serbs goes on 15 years after statehood

1 day ago

Shocks, beatings, mock executions: Inside Kherson's detention centres

1 day ago

Kenya wrestles with its plastic pollution problem

1 day ago

Drone attacks bring war home to Russia

6 hours ago

How activists have brought Lebanese farmers back to their roots

3 days ago

Italy and migrants: Fast track for Ukrainians, slow wait for other refugees

9 days ago

DeSantis won't displace Trump until he understands populism

22 hours ago

Maureen Dowd: Don't ditch literature as Frankensteins are on the march

3 days ago

Removing AM radio from cars receives a poor reception from the American right

4 days ago

'We sleep in different rooms, haven't had sex in four years and we bicker. I'm tempted to start casual dating'

7 hours ago

Teenage girl killed in tractor crash was spending summer holidays with family in Cavan

1 hour ago

Cyclist killed in Dublin was top-level road racer and Microsoft manager

1 day ago

Census 2022: Five things we learned about ourselves

10 hours ago

Two teenagers clinging to buoy rescued off coast of Malahide

16 hours ago