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Republicans Call for Abolishing/Defunding the FBI (Now That It's Raided Mar-a-Lago) -- Remember when they incessantly chanted "lock her up" and "blue lives matter?" They've moved on from all that.

5 hours ago

Nebraska Mom and Teen Daughter Face Criminal Charges for Alleged Self-Managed Abortion

6 hours ago

Nebraska Republicans Drop Proposed Abortion Ban Because They Don't Have the Votes

10 hours ago

GOP Congresswoman Warns Party: 'The Handmaid's Tale Was Not Supposed to Be a Road Map'

16 hours ago

Indiana Just Banned Abortion Overnight

2 days ago

Kamala Harris Introduces Herself Respectfully and Conservatives Throw a Fit

11 days ago

After Nearly 2 Years, Biden Has Reversed (Most of) Trump's Terrible Title IX Policies

1 month ago

Biden's Executive Order Addressing the Anti-LGBTQ Crisis Is a Step in the Right Direction

1 month ago

Biden Tells Jimmy Kimmel He's Thinking About Maybe Doing Something to Protect Abortion Rights

1 month ago

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11 hours ago

Exfoliate, Hydrate, and Soothe With the Handmade Soap Company

11 hours ago

The Best CBD Sales Happening Right Now for CBD Day 2022

12 hours ago

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13 hours ago

There's Nothing More American Than Baseball & Begging Elected Officials to Care About Climate Change

10 days ago

Biden Finally Supports Carol Baskin's Pet Legislation

12 days ago

Teen Activist Raises $50K in a Day for Abortion Fund After Rep. Matt Gaetz Body Shames Her

13 days ago

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Women Who Support Abortion Rights Are Too Ugly to Need Them

16 days ago

4 Cops Involved in Breonna Taylor's Murder Have Been Arrested and Charged...Finally

4 days ago

Former Middle School Teacher Receives 2-Month Sentence for 3 Years of Sexually Abusing a Student

4 days ago

Brittney Griner Sentenced to 9 Years in Russian Prison on Drug Smuggling Charges

4 days ago

Alabama Prison Demands Woman Journalist Change Skirt to Witness Execution

7 days ago

Biden Offers to Swap Russian Arms Dealer Viktor Bout for Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan

12 days ago

The Equal Rights Amendment Just Needs One More Signature

18 days ago

Rep. Ronny Jackson Got Real Riled Up On a Sunday

21 days ago

Hulu Demanded Democratic Candidate Cut 'Sensitive' Issues Like Abortion and Guns from Campaign Ad

26 days ago

Georgia Election Workers Shaye Moss and Her Mom, Ruby, Deliver Moving Testimony at Jan. 6 Hearing

1 month ago

Melania Trump's Former Press Secretary Says She Can't Be Redeemed

3 months ago

Melania Trump's Former Chief-of-Staff Is Dishing the Dirt

3 months ago

The Dudefight to End All Dudefights Is Nigh

3 months ago

Watch: Kansans Rejoice After Vote to Protect Abortion Rights -- One woman said that the vote successfully "demonstrated our free state roots here in Kansas are alive and well."

5 days ago

Anti-Abortion Republicans: Let Immigrant Babies Starve -- A baby formula shortage is pushing parents to the brink, and our nation's most prominent "pro-lifers" are really showing us who they are.

2 months ago