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There's Nothing 'Anti' About 'Anti-Bride'

11 hours ago

Angelina Jolie Says She and Her Kids Have 'a Lot of Healing to Do' in Rare Allusion to Brad Pitt Split

15 hours ago

The Elderly Veteran Suing Katy Perry Is Related to a Former Real Housewife, Because Of Course

8 hours ago

'All of Us Strangers' Is a Joyful Fantasy and a Tragic Gut Punch

9 hours ago

In Michigan, One Democrat Has Brought Abortion Reforms to a Maddening Halt

8 hours ago

Travis Kelce's Ex Seemingly Shades Taylor Swift After Self-Identifying as a 'Girl's Girl'

16 hours ago

Republicans Suddenly Desperate to Seem Pro-Union

15 hours ago

Free Vasectomy Appointments in Oklahoma Filled Up in Less Than 48 Hours

8 hours ago

Jonathan Van Ness Dressed Down Dax Shepard After He 'Parroted' Anti-Trans Propaganda on Podcast

1 day ago

So Brave: Cassidy Hutchinson Says She's Not Interested in Dating Man Investigated for Human Trafficking

1 day ago

Makers Of Now - Meet gaming's 10 newest power players upending the multi-billion-dollar business of play. From A-list gamers to activists, they're championing the kind of change that makes everybody a winner.

3 months ago

Ron DeSantis Seems to Want Some Awkward Eye Contact With Trump

1 hour ago

Stories About My Brother - When my brother died, I was too shattered to write his obituary. There is little record of his 29 years of life; it simply vanished. When I type "Yush Gupta," Google autofills "Yush Gupta death," a brutal reminder that even on the internet, a space...

6 days ago

Jezebel Deals of the Day

1 year ago

Best Deals of the Day: Dewalt, Five CBD, Syvio, Portable Monitor, Door...

15 hours ago

Apple USB-C Charge Cable -- Stock up on Apple's USB-C charging cables for your newest Apple devices.

15 hours ago

Rent The Runway -- Designer fashion for any event at a fraction of the cost with a membership to renting the runway. Choose 5 items to complete a look and return to always be in style.

1 month ago

The Witch Hunts, Supermodel Series, and Soul-Stirring Jazz That Got Us Through the Week

5 days ago

Loraine James' Vulnerability Surprised Her on New Album 'Gentle Confrontation'

5 days ago

'The Super Models' Is a Glossy, Mostly Feel-Good Trip Back in Time

7 days ago

The 2023 VMAs Pink Carpet: (Almost) Everyone Looked...Incredible

15 days ago

Hear Me Out: The Next Met Gala Theme Should Be Jovani

15 days ago

The Top 9 Catwalk Crashers of All Time, Ranked by Their Runway Walks

19 days ago

Scientists Spot Black Dust and Debris on Canister Containing Asteroid Sample

7 hours ago

OpenAI Employee Discovers Eliza Effect, Gets Emotional

13 hours ago

Dan Harmon Dishes on Justin Roiland and Rick and Morty's New Voices

10 hours ago

Airlines Are Scrapping Airbus 380s For Souvenirs

3 hours ago