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Technology - Amazon Alexa becoming more humanlike with AI - Amazon's Alexa is getting an upgrade. The so-called Alexa LLM will be able to understand body language, including gestures and eye contact, and should be smarter and more conversational thanks to AI. Jon Swartz, senior tech reporter for MarketWatch, joined CBS News to discuss the new version of Amazon's virtual assistant. 11H ago - 04:20

51 minutes ago

A look back at 25 years of Google -- Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University, who moved the company to a garage in 1998.

13 hours ago

FTC and 17 states file sweeping antitrust suit against Amazon -- Amazon is facing antitrust claims from the Federal Trade Commission and states including New York and Pennsylvania, alleging the retailer is a monopoly. -- Sep 26

8 hours ago

Jewish leaders criticize Elon Musk for antisemitism on X, formerly Twitter -- A group of rabbis, academics and activists said the behavior of owner Elon Musk has allowed "a new stage in antisemitic discourse" to "spread like wildfire" on the social media site. -- Sep 26

17 hours ago

Could you get "carhacked"? The growing risk of keyless vehicle thefts -- A new generation of high-tech thieves are attacking vulnerable vehicle computer systems to steal cars in seconds. -- Sep 26

19 hours ago

Smart home security tips for personal and cyber protection -- ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Jason Hiner explains best practices for setup and success of smart home security systems. -- Aug 25, 2022

8 months ago

Amazon invests $4 billion in AI startup known for ChatGPT rival Claude -- Anthropic will use Amazon's cloud services and machine-learning chips to train and deploy its ChatGPT rival, Claude. -- Sep 25

1 day ago

Microsoft, Google integrate AI into products -- Tech giants Microsoft and Google say they're moving toward building more generative artificial intelligence into their products. Microsoft has already been adding AI assistants to apps and now plans to unify all of them into a single source. And Google is launching new AI features to make video editing and publishing easier on YouTube. Emma Roth, news writer at The Verge, joined CBS News to discuss the increased use of AI.

2 days ago

Scientists recover RNA from extinct species -- For the first time, scientists in Sweden have analyzed an extinct animal's RNA. They're studying the Tasmanian tiger which has been extinct since the 1930s. Marc Friedl nder, associate professor in molecular biology at Stockholm University, joins CBS News to discuss what the breakthrough means for science.

2 days ago

iPhone 15 demand beats expectations, as fans worldwide line up to buy -- Consumers are snatching up the iPhone 15 as they look to swap their old devices for something newer and more powerful, analysts said. -- Sep 25

1 day ago

YouTube CEO defends decision to demonetize Russell Brand's channel -- YouTube suspended Russell Brand's ability to earn money from his online videos earlier this week after multiple women accused Brand of rape, sexual assault and abuse - allegations he denies. -- Sep 22

4 days ago

Amazon to run ads with Prime Video shows - unless you pay more -- Amazon says it will begin include ads in its Prime Video content, but will offer an ad-free version for customers who pay extra. -- Sep 22

4 days ago

How the AI revolution is different: It threatens white-collar workers -- Emerging forms of artificial intelligence could displace a range of "knowledge workers," new analysis finds. -- Sep 21

5 days ago

Apple iOS 17: What it offers and how to get it -- Apple's newest software update brings several new features to iPhones, including Standby mode and live voicemail transcribing. -- Sep 20

6 days ago

George R.R. Martin, top authors sue OpenAI, alleging "systematic theft" -- Suit claims the company behind ChatGPT fed copyrighted works by bestselling writers including Scott Turow and Elin Hilderbrand into its AI. -- Sep 20

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