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BuzzFeed to use OpenAI technology to create content -- Digital media firm says it will use artificial intelligence to create personality quizzes and generate write-ups.

5 hours ago

Madison Square Garden ban on lawyer foes may be illegal, AG says -- Event-goers have found themselves ejected from games because they work for law firms involved in litigation with MSG.

9 hours ago

Smart home security tips for personal and cyber protection -- ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Jason Hiner explains best practices for setup and success of smart home security systems. -- Aug 25, 2022

24 days ago

Why Meta is reinstating Trump's accounts -- Meta says it will reinstate former President Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts two years after they were suspended in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Mike Isaac, a technology correspondent for The New York Times, joins Errol Barnett and Lana Zak to explain what's behind the decision.

9 hours ago

FBI disrupted Hive ransomware variant, Justice Dept announces -- The ransomware group demanded over $130 million from over 1,500 victims in 80 countries.

10 hours ago

Tennessee students create robotic hand for new classmate -- "I never expected it. Like, never in a million years," 15-year-old Sergio Peralta told CBS News. -- Jan 25

4 hours ago

Students create robotic hand for new classmate -- A Tennessee student started at his new school with a secret -- one of his hands didn't fully form. So students from the engineering program at his school stepped in and made him a robotic hand. David Begnaud shares the story. -- Jan 25

5 hours ago

Meta to reinstate Trump on Facebook, Instagram -- Earlier this month, Trump's presidential campaign asked Meta to reinstate him on the social media platform. -- Jan 25

5 hours ago

How will Netflix stop you from sharing your password? -- Streaming company said a crackdown is coming in March, but a similar effort in other countries yielded mixed results. -- Jan 25

6 hours ago

How interest rates affect the tech industry -- As tech companies cutting thousands of jobs this month, CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers discusses how the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes have contributed to the industry's financial woes. -- Jan 25

12 hours ago

Elon Musk in court for Tesla tweet trial -- Elon Musk continued his testimony in civil court in San Francisco in a lawsuit brought forth by Tesla shareholders over his 2018 tweet about the company going private. CBS News legal contributor Jessica Levinson joined Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green to discuss the case. -- Jan 25

13 hours ago

Netflix cracks down on password sharing -- Netflix will no longer allow customers share passwords for free, and it could be starting a trend for other streaming services. Sarah Saril, tech deals and streaming reporter at Insider, joined CBS News to discuss what the password crackdown means for users. -- Jan 25

14 hours ago

ChatGPT bot passes law school exam -- Artificial intelligence results have been so good that educators have warned it could lead to widespread cheating and even signal the end of traditional classroom teaching methods. -- Jan 25

16 hours ago

Justice Department accuses Google of monopolizing ad tech -- Internet giant has "corrupted legitimate competition," regulators allege in filing antitrust lawsuit. -- Jan 24

1 day ago

Amazon launches subscription prescription drug service -- New program lets Amazon Prime members pay a modest monthly fee for access to common generic medications. -- Jan 24

1 day ago