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Amazon rolls out backup child care for employees -- Online retailer offering to subsidize emergency child or adult care after employees cited it as challenge.

10 hours ago

Twitter says fake "Antifa" account was run by white supremacists -- The social media company says the accounts were used by white supremacists to encourage violence.

13 hours ago

Facebook employees protest Zuckerberg's inaction -- The protests come after Mark Zuckerberg opted not to take action against President Trump's inflammatory posts about protests.

14 hours ago

Astronauts describe first ride aboard SpaceX Crew Dragon -- SpaceX Crew Dragon astronauts say the ship is living up to high-tech expectations - but there was one rougher moment.

22 hours ago

SpaceX Crew Dragon docks with space station after historic launch -- The successful docking boosted the lab's crew to five and marked a major milestone for NASA. -- Jun 1

23 hours ago

Mark Zuckerberg explains why Facebook left up Trump posts -- The Facebook founder said he has a "visceral negative reaction to this kind of divisive and inflammatory rhetoric." -- May 30

2 days ago

SpaceX launch still a beacon of hope for this engineer -- "The world is going through this horrible situation," Itza Rodriguez said. "A lot of people are getting affected. But if you go down, it's OK. Get up and start all over again." -- May 29

3 days ago

Satirical sites take aim at Mark Zuckerberg -- After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said social media sites should not be "arbiters of truth,"​ satirical websites began testing that idea - by taking aim at Zuckerberg himself. -- May 29

3 days ago

Executive order takes aim at social media companies -- The president and attorney general said the administration is working on legislation, too. -- May 29

3 days ago

Zuckerberg responds to Twitter fact-checking Trump tweet -- The Facebook CEO also spoke out against government censorship of social media platforms. -- May 28

4 days ago

Amazon to turn 125,000 pandemic hires into permanent jobs -- Retail giant says most of the seasonal workers hired amid delivery surge during COVID-19 lockdowns can stay on. -- May 28

4 days ago

NSA warns of new "Sandworm" cyberattacks by Russia-backed hackers -- The "Sandworm" hacking team has been exploiting a serious flaw in commonly used email software to obtain "any attacker's dream access," the NSA said. -- May 28

4 days ago

Trump threatens social media companies after Twitter fact-checks tweets -- Twitter issued a fact check over the president's tweet about mail-in voting on Tuesday. -- May 28

4 days ago

Amazon COVID-19 publicity video airs as news on TV stations -- PR or propaganda? Retailer defends safety efforts amid calls to shut down some warehouses after workers die from COVID-19. -- May 27

5 days ago

Twitter flags Trump tweet with fact-checking label -- The label tells users to "get the facts" behind the president's false claims about mail-in voting fraud. -- May 27

5 days ago