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Fading corporate profits heighten U.S. recession fears -- A decline in company earnings suggests the economy is losing speed, adding to recession fears

12 hours ago CEO out after revealing affair with Russian agent -- Patrick Byrne said he resigned because his presence "may affect and complicate all manner of business relationships"

6 hours ago

Experimental store tracks shoppers with hidden cameras -- Hidden cameras track shoppers' movements as they browse the almost 14,000 square feet of merchandise

14 hours ago

China trade war costing billions in U.S. tourism spending -- Chinese tourists spend more on travel to the U.S. than any other group, but their numbers are waning amid tensions

20 hours ago

How much a family with good health insurance spent last year -- Employee health care costs have risen twice as fast as wages-those with coverage pay thousands of dollars more -- Aug 21

21 hours ago

Phone carriers will block some robocalls for free -- AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon will start offering blocking software and move to halt fake caller ID numbers

11 hours ago

Why Trump's payroll tax cut wouldn't do much for the economy -- As the White House vacillates over another another tax cut, economists of all political stripes say: Don't bother -- Aug 20

1 day ago

Walmart to reopen El Paso store after mass shooting -- Retailer said it will first rebuild the entire interior of the building where 22 people were killed this month

14 hours ago

Illinois increases minimum teacher salaries across the state -- Teachers in Illinois can currently have a salary as low as $9,000 - and that hasn't changed since 1980

14 hours ago

U.S. kids are quitting sports amid rising costs, inequality -- Youth sports participation is rising among richer families, as children lower down the ladder exit the field -- Aug 15

6 days ago

Del Monte Foods closing two more plants, laying off hundreds -- Packaged food company facing headwinds that include tariffs and rising metal costs, as industry layoffs jump

14 hours ago

MIT Media Lab researchers quit over ties to Jeffrey Epstein -- The famed technology research hub and its director took money from Epstein after he'd served time for sex offenses

17 hours ago

The Fed says trade is main reason U.S. economy is slowing -- While President Trump blasts Jerome Powell for slowdown, Fed officials put the blame squarely on trade tensions -- Aug 21

10 hours ago

The Obamas' first film, "American Factory," debuts on Netflix -- Documentary explores impact of globalization, centering on a closed Ohio plant that reopens under Chinese management -- Aug 21

12 hours ago

Here's how many of Fidelity's 401(k) accounts have $1 million -- Still, only 1% of the firm's 401(k) plans have amassed that level of savings, while most people have far less -- Aug 21

12 hours ago

A calligrapher embraces technology to grow business -- After falling haphazardly into the art of calligraphy, she succeeds by embracing her unique style and the latest tech

8 days ago

Nomadness Travel Tribe creates safe space for black travelers -- Nomadness Travel Tribe is the New Age, international roadmap for African-American travelers

2 months ago

A medical diagnosis leads to an innovative fashion design -- Emily Levy launched Mighty Well after she discovered there was no practical medical product to protect her catheter

3 months ago

An online art gallery that strips art world of its pretense -- Tze Chun's Uprise Art is turning the art-buying experience on its head, cultivating a new generation of collectors

2 months ago

He wants to end "energy poverty" around the globe -- More than 1 billion people worldwide don't have access to electricity. Henry Louie wants to change that with microgrids.

2 months ago

How gig economy workers can save for retirement -- Several types of plans are available, but figuring out which one is right for you can be confusing, so here's some help

1 month ago

When delaying your Social Security benefits pays off -- The impact of your age when you begin collecting benefits can be more financially significant than you think

1 month ago

Claiming Social Security too early costs Americans $3.4 trillion -- Only 4% of retirees claim the benefit at the optimal time. Everyone else is losing out on $111,000 per household

1 month ago

Hardship withdrawals from your company's 401(k) -- The rules for hardship withdrawals are strict and the costs of taking money from your future retirement can be sky-high

2 months ago

What to do in your 20s and 30s to be set in your 60s and 70s -- Millennials take note: The key to retiring on time is starting to save money early. Follow this advice from experts

3 months ago