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Amy Coney Barrett clerked for Scalia. Conservatives hope she'll follow his path - The fight over whether Barrett belongs on the Supreme Court will underscore the country's deep divisions about gender roles, rights for LGBTQ people, abortion, workplace issues, and health care.

6 minutes ago

Trump announces Amy Coney Barrett as nominee to Supreme Court, setting up battle over judiciary -- An ideological heir to Justice Antonin Scalia, Judge Amy Coney Barrett would fill the seat vacated after the death of liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in what would be the sharpest ideological swing since Clarence Thomas replaced Justice Thurgood Marshall.

9 hours ago

How it happened: From law professor to high court in 4 years -- Four years ago, Amy Coney Barrett was a little-known law professor in Indiana. Within weeks, she is likely to be the newest associate justice on the US Supreme Court.

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A look at Judge Amy Coney Barrett's notable opinions, votes -- Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, has been on the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals since 2017.

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A test for democracy - The most complicated election in modern history is coming — soon. Are we prepared? Experts worry about a nightmare election during a pandemic marred by disenfranchisement and chaos, followed by an acrimonious legal and political dispute over the results that would test the nation's democratic resolve.

4 days ago

Trump announces Barrett as Supreme Court nominee

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Praise, dismay after Trump announces Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court pick

6 hours ago

Thousands march in Washington to pray and show Trump support

7 hours ago

If Trump's choice of Amy Coney Barrett has you ready to hit the streets, read this first

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Trump said to pick Amy Coney Barrett for Court, New York Times reports

10 hours ago

White House again criticizes FBI director for voting remarks

11 hours ago

Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes first woman to lie in state at US Capitol

13 hours ago

Trump hits Baker for support of expanded mail-in voting

18 hours ago

Watch live: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lies in state at the US Capitol

1 day ago

Trump again casts doubt on election results, saying he's not sure if it will be 'honest'

1 day ago

Fenway Park will officially be an early voting site this election season

1 day ago

Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. Here's why

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