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Students at Emerson, MIT set up pro-Palestinian encampments -- Students at Emerson College established an encampment off Boylston Street, in what two students and a faculty member described as an act of solidarity with pro-Palestinian protesters arrested at Columbia University, while a similar camp arose at MIT.

11 hours ago

Rehoboth artist adds extra dimension to state emblems -- Hollis Machala's 26-piece "HEART of MA" series documents the state emblems of Massachusetts — like the official bug, official cookie, and official groundhog — but not just in flat acrylics.

19 hours ago

26.TRUE marathon organizers call event 'joyful' and 'smooth,' dispute councilor's public safety complaints -- Documents shared with the Globe showed that the organizers of 26.TRUE obtained all the necessary permits for the event.

2 days ago

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1 year ago

There's a rise in the use of A.I. in campaigning— are Mass. congressional candidates prepared?

1 day ago

For Donald Trump, COVID has become a four-letter word

2 days ago

Full slate of jurors chosen for Trump's hush-money trial. Here's what we know about them.

2 days ago

Kennedy family members endorse President Biden, in rebuke to RFK Jr.

4 days ago

Trump tried to 'corrupt' the 2016 election, prosecutor alleges as hush-money trial gets underway -- The opening statements launched the first criminal trial of a former American president, a case unfolding against the backdrop of a closely contested White House race.

54 minutes ago

Who's who at Donald Trump's hush-money criminal trial -- Here's a look at the key players in the historic first criminal trial of a former US president.

54 minutes ago

With homelessness on the rise, the Supreme Court will weigh bans on sleeping outdoors -- The Supreme Court will consider Monday whether banning homeless people from sleeping outside when shelter space is lacking amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

5 hours ago

Supreme Court will take up the legal fight over ghost guns, firearms without serial numbers

54 minutes ago

Key takeaways from Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on '60 Minutes'

1 hour ago

How Mike Johnson got to 'yes' on aid to Ukraine

3 hours ago

Trump slows campaign spending as he tries to close cash gap with Biden

4 hours ago

The House passes billions in aid for Ukraine and Israel after months of struggle. The Senate is next.

6 hours ago

House approves $95 billion aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan

19 hours ago

Seeking 'the right side of history,' Speaker Mike Johnson risks his job to deliver aid to Ukraine

1 day ago

Man sets himself on fire near courthouse where Trump is on trial

2 days ago

Ukraine aid bill clears critical hurdle in the House as Democrats supply the votes

2 days ago

Ukraine, Israel aid advances in rare House vote as Democrats help Republicans push it forward

2 days ago

RFK Jr.'s environmental colleagues urge him to drop presidential bid

2 days ago

Doris Kearns Goodwin talks about the love of her life — and their unfinished love story with America

2 days ago

House leaders toil to advance Ukraine and Israel aid. But threats to oust speaker grow.

3 days ago