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Biden will visit Minnesota to tout new infrastructure law

34 minutes ago

Biden sets out oil, gas leasing reform, stops short of ban

8 hours ago

Biden signs $1T infrastructure deal with bipartisan crowd

11 days ago

Minnesota Republicans revive debate over governor's emergency powers

1 day ago

GOP cements hold on legislatures in battleground states

1 day ago

New congressional maps spark debate over majority-minority districts

1 day ago

EXPLAINER: What is this new COVID variant in South Africa?

13 hours ago

Will flight restrictions help as new virus variant emerges?

6 hours ago

Police chief: 3 shot in fight at North Carolina mall

2 hours ago

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

54 minutes ago

In Nantucket, Biden shops, attends Christmas tree lighting

1 hour ago

Solomon Islands violence recedes but not underlying tension

16 hours ago

WTO delays key meeting amid COVID variant concerns

2 hours ago

Rep. Ilhan Omar seeks action over Boebert remarks on Muslims

1 hour ago

New omicron variant stokes fears, triggers travel bans

3 hours ago

Ukraine leader alleges Russia-backed coup planned next week

11 hours ago

Biden scheduled to tout infrastructure plan in Rosemount

3 hours ago

Stocks sink on new COVID variant; Dow loses 905 points

4 hours ago

Activists block Amazon warehouses in Europe on Black Friday

11 hours ago

Nigeria designates gunmen in troubled north as terrorists

4 hours ago

UN envoy: Sudan's new deal saved the country from civil war

12 hours ago

5-year-old child killed in shooting in Minneapolis suburb

4 hours ago

New variant hits sports just as they were nearing normality

5 hours ago

Argentina squeezes foreign travel to protect its dollars

5 hours ago

'Hoodwinked' before Christmas, EU nations seek to slow virus

9 hours ago

DFLers propose new map for U.S. House seats

2 days ago

Biden salutes veterans as the 'spine of America'

14 days ago

White House says 900K kids got vaccine in Week 1

16 days ago

Biden hails infrastructure win as 'monumental'

20 days ago

U.S. gives final OK for COVID-19 shots for kids

23 days ago

Minneapolis voters divided on future of policing

24 days ago

New York sheriff defends decision to file Cuomo complaint

27 days ago

Big Oil denies spreading myths on climate change

29 days ago

Biden reveals $1.75 trillion policy framework

29 days ago

FDA panel backs Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for kids

1 month ago

White House: Biden won't cite executive privilege on Trump docs

1 month ago