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Sky News - Weird

Elastic bands littering remote UK island were dropped by seagulls

1 hour ago

'I am sorry. Very rude of me': Judge's phone rings in court

6 days ago

'Let me out!' - Man gets last laugh at his own funeral

8 days ago

Divine intervention? Pope accidentally gives blessing to Saints NFL side

8 days ago

New royal puppies revive bloodline of late king's old hound

8 days ago

Driver caught with sofas strapped to car roof

12 days ago

Winner of viral Fat Bear contest revealed

13 days ago

Listen to the loudest bird ever recorded

15 hours ago

Man's prank from beyond the grave

8 days ago

CCTV: Man steals wheelchair access ramp

12 days ago

Newsreader's son wanders into live broadcast

12 days ago

Parkour! Watch contest's best runs

15 days ago

'Zombie deer' threatening to invade US state

15 days ago

Texas man robbed bank to pay for rings - a day before his wedding

15 days ago

Revealed: Main culprits that made up monster fatberg

19 days ago

Trump video removed from Twitter after Nickelback complaint

19 days ago

Coke float: Suspected drug smugglers saved from drowning by cocaine packs

20 days ago

Fowl play: Police called after goose smashes into taxi

21 days ago

Carma: Teen's Corsa missing for a week after he parked in a hurry

22 days ago

Airline launches seat alert to help passengers avoid crying babies

25 days ago

Sports fan asks for beer money and ends up raising $1m for hospital

29 days ago

French chef sues after losing top rating 'for using cheddar'

28 days ago

US military sorry over 'threat to use bomber on millennials' at Area 51

1 month ago

As snake intrusions soar in Bangkok, it's this man's job to catch them

1 month ago

Miracle surgery saves tiny fish from cashing in her chips

1 month ago