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Sky News - Weird


7 hours ago

Wonky the 'unicorn-horned' rabbit looks for new home for Christmas

1 day ago

Banana taped to wall sells for $120k (and the banana needs replacing every few days)

2 days ago

Pablo Escobar's brother launches smartphone - and vows to sue Apple

3 days ago

Husky starts kitchen fire after owners leave him home alone

5 days ago

Grandad spends three weeks turning his home into Christmas grotto

6 days ago

What to do when your neighbour is showing off

5 days ago

Cops chase down reversing dog

14 days ago

Dog befriends baby giraffe in South Africa

16 days ago

Italian MP pops the question in parliament

9 days ago

Beluga whale plays catch with rugby ball

1 month ago

Man killed by own gun booby trap at home

7 days ago

Mystery of empty boat washed ashore in Ireland solved

8 days ago

18,000-year-old frozen puppy found in Siberia

9 days ago

Town called Asbestos to change its name because it's bad for business

9 days ago

Trump mocked after tweeting photo of his head on Rocky's body

10 days ago

Oh boy? Confusion over gender of 'hero' dog injured in IS raid

11 days ago

Female employees asked to wear 'period badge'

9 days ago

Quarterback goes AWOL for selfie - but the game's not over

12 days ago

Dog puts car in reverse and drives around in circles for an hour

14 days ago

Hunter and Jazz: Dog and giraffe become best of friends

16 days ago

Mummified lions among discoveries near Egyptian pyramids

14 days ago

Baby Jesus or Phil Collins? Church mocked over statue

17 days ago

Wild boar snort £17k cocaine stash in forest

23 days ago

What a Pickle! Pig causes chaos for commuters

24 days ago

'Unicorn' puppy with tail on its face rescued from streets

25 days ago