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Sky News - Weird

Anti-sex toilets will soak users with water jets and sound alarm

2 days ago

The One With Jail Time: Friends actor lookalike sentenced for theft

3 days ago

60 old TVs dumped outside homes... by man dressed as an old TV

5 days ago

Town near Area 51 warns people to stay away from planned festival

5 days ago

Surgery mishap: False teeth stuck in throat for eight days

6 days ago

Black bear breaks into house then exits 'like the Kool-Aid man'

7 days ago

IS blooper video released

3 days ago

'Let's get ready to travellll!'

3 days ago

Escaped ostrich on the run in China

8 days ago

Rats take over Tokyo convenience store

12 days ago

Bird hits girl on roller coaster at 70mph

20 days ago

Mystery substance turns river tributary bright blue

8 days ago

Falling bear lands on police car, causing it to burst into flames

9 days ago

Convenience store apologises after rat video goes viral

12 days ago

German museum displays 'real' Snow White's gravestone

13 days ago

Man who chucked old fridge down hill gets his comeuppance

12 days ago

Gang leader tries to escape jail dressed as his daughter

14 days ago

Croc owner gets calls about missing relatives after metal plate discovery

17 days ago

'UK's worst pro football team' ends 73-match winless streak

17 days ago

Child, 7, has 526 teeth removed from his mouth

18 days ago

Optical illusion: Are these images black and white or colour?

18 days ago

Holy in one: Rochester Cathedral opens crazy golf course

20 days ago

Down in one: Sea lion swallowed whole by humpback whale

21 days ago

Six-year-old YouTube star buys £6.5m property

23 days ago

Anti-vegan protesters who ate raw squirrels fined

26 days ago

Van carrying £112m of drugs crashes into police car at station

27 days ago