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Sky News - Weird

Old manuscripts reveal bizarre medieval medical cures

23 hours ago

Suspected meteor caught on camera streaking across the sky over Utah

4 days ago

'Meteor' seen in US as boom heard

4 days ago

Tourists duck as plane makes extremely low landing on Greek island

6 days ago

Art work stolen from elderly widow 'in bizarre soothsayer plot' found

7 days ago

Calls for Leicester's Pork Pie Roundabout to be renamed

8 days ago

Cheeky monkey calls police from mobile

1 hour ago

Boy climbs inside soft toy machine

5 hours ago

Bear released after ingesting hallucinogen

1 day ago

Castaway survives on lemons and coal

2 days ago

Mayor's outrage at 'speeding idiots' on Venice canal

27 minutes ago

Meet the Kenyan presidential candidate campaigning on marijuana and hyena testicles

12 days ago

Football club to hold talks with sponsor over 'Gilbert & Rose West Stand'

14 days ago

The heat's ruff on pets - but a new wearable fan in Japan is helping hot dogs keep cool

17 days ago

Teenager avoids getting stuck in jail over £30,000 chewing gum heist

27 days ago

After three weeks on the run in an airport, Rowdy the cat is captured

1 month ago

An extraordinary find: Secret self-portrait discovered in Vincent van Gogh painting

1 month ago

Scammers livestream fake cricket league from farmer's field to con gamblers

1 month ago

Topless Western leaders would be 'disgusting', says Putin

1 month ago

A giant step for hamkind: Hamster survives daring trip into the stratosphere on a flying balloon

1 month ago

Comedian investigated by police after audience member complains about joke

1 month ago

'Absolutely bizarre' spirals of blue light spotted in sky above New Zealand

1 month ago

Watch out, Larry: There's a new cat in Westminster - and he's named after a Labour prime minister

1 month ago

Hampshire wheelie bin found 1,200 miles away in Ukraine

2 months ago

Binley Mega Chippy: A (bizarre) timeline of events that took this Coventry chip shop to internet stardom

2 months ago

Otters killing expensive pet fish in garden ponds, police warn

2 months ago