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AP News - Weird

Francona's beloved scooter stolen, stripped as Cleveland's manager gets ready to say goodbye to game

11 hours ago

A Danish artist who submitted empty frames as artwork is appealing court ruling to repay the cash

20 hours ago

An Abe Lincoln photo made during his 1858 ascendancy has been donated to his museum in Illinois

1 day ago

Flamingos in Wisconsin? Tropical birds visit Lake Michigan beach in a first for the northern state

4 days ago

Hot dog! The Wienermobile is back after short-lived name change

6 days ago

Moose on the loose in Stockholm subway creates havoc and is shot dead

17 hours ago

Florida siblings, ages 10 and 11, stopped while driving mom's car on freeway 200 miles from home

4 days ago

A toddler lost in the woods is found asleep using family dog as a pillow

6 days ago

Why was a lion cub found by a roadside in northern Serbia? Police are trying to find out

6 days ago

An Israeli tank was stolen from a military zone. Authorities found it in a junkyard

7 days ago

Poker player who drew donations for Las Vegas event lied about dying from cancer

7 days ago

Woman rescued from outhouse toilet after climbing in to retrieve Apple Watch, Michigan police say

7 days ago

Bears raid a Krispy Kreme doughnut van making deliveries on an Alaska military base

9 days ago

Gator with missing nose and upper jaw finds new home in Florida reptile park

9 days ago

London police arrest a man who allegedly climbed over a wall near Buckingham Palace stables

11 days ago

Repurposing dead spiders, counting cadaver nose hairs win Ig Nobels for comical scientific feats

13 days ago

Enough to make your skin crawl: 20 rattlesnakes found inside a homeowner's garage in Arizona

13 days ago

Lemur on the loose! Video shows police chasing critter that escaped in Missouri

13 days ago

Wandering bull moose is captured in downtown Santa Fe, moved to habitat in northern New Mexico

15 days ago

Spicy food challenges have a long history. Have they become too extreme?

16 days ago

Benedict Arnold burned a Connecticut city. Centuries later, residents get payback in a fiery festival

17 days ago

Robbery suspect who eluded capture in a vehicle, on a bike and a sailboat arrested, police say

20 days ago

A Norwegian man needed a hobby. His new metal detector found a showy 1,500-year-old gold necklace

20 days ago

China authorities arrest 2 for smashing shortcut through Great Wall with excavator

22 days ago

Fish with a funny float gets a CT scan at the Denver Zoo

23 days ago

Police stop Nebraska man for bucking the law with a bull riding shotgun in his car

27 days ago

Revelers hurl tomatoes at each other and streets awash in red pulp in Spanish town's Tomatina party

28 days ago

'Like Snoop Dogg's living room': Smell of pot wafts over notorious U.S. Open court

29 days ago

Longest alligator in Mississippi history captured by hunters

28 days ago

Chicago TV news crew robbed at gunpoint while reporting on a string of robberies

29 days ago

Neurosurgeon investigating patient's mystery symptoms plucks a worm from woman's brain in Australia

30 days ago