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1 month ago

Proud Boys Sentenced to 4 Years In Prison for Attacking Protesters -- Posted in: -- The judge's remarks at sentencing indicate that despite its pretenses otherwise, the Proud Boys is "really just a bunch of street thugs," says one researcher

16 hours ago

Thai King Strips New Consort of Title for 'Disobedience' -- Posted in: -- "She is also not content with the title bestowed upon her, doing everything to rise to the level of the queen," said the palace in a statement

1 day ago

Children of Recluse Dutch Family Thought They Were the Only People Left on Earth -- Posted in: -- The family's patriarch could also have had ties to an Austrian cult and the Unification Church — better known as the "Moonies" — according to reports

4 days ago

Teen Suicide Is on the Rise and No One Knows Why -- Posted in: -- A new CDC report reveals that teenage suicide rates have increased exponentially in the past decade

4 days ago

Mexican Authorities Arrest, Release El Chapo's Son During Chaotic Shootout -- Posted in: -- Ovidio Guzmán López freed amidst long day of violence in Sinaloa State capital

4 days ago

Sandy Hook Father Awarded $450,000 In Conspiracy Theorist Suit -- Posted in: -- Plaintiff James Fetzer wrote 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,' a 450-page book that claims the horrific massacre of 20 children never happened

5 days ago

Stephen King's House to Become Archive and Writers' Retreat -- Posted in: -- Bangor was inspiration for fictional Derry, Maine

5 days ago

Bitcoin Trail Leads to Bust of Massive Child Porn Site -- Posted in: -- IRS agents analyzed cryptocurrency transactions to identify founder of site operating on the dark web

6 days ago

Investigators Put Out Call to Find Fugitive Who Escaped While Christmas Shopping -- Posted in: -- Lester Eubanks, escaped convict on the run for over 45 years, subject of new ABC podcast

6 days ago