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Russia Today - Politics

Ex-Putin aide Surkov's parting shot: Ukraine will eventually break up or cling on within shrunken borders

21 minutes ago

"Regret and shame" – PM Mishustin reacts to the dire state of Russia's regional hospitals

46 minutes ago

'Tigers' and 'wolves' duke it out in court: Russian armored car maker sues biker association leader over trademark

3 hours ago

Russia to build billion-dollar highway to Crimea: next part of $7.7 billion road-links project

22 hours ago

Forget the Joker & Riddler: Batman faces his most dangerous foe yet... THE MOSCOW TRAFFIC POLICE (VIDEO)

5 hours ago

WATCH: Bored Vyborg resident uses flooding to go SURFING through Russian forest

1 day ago

'It was just a game': Estonian mother flees to Russia with 2 girls after court clears Norwegian ex-husband of pedophilia charges

2 days ago

Meteorite illuminates skies over northern Russia with mysterious blue light (VIDEO)

3 days ago

'Extremely concerning': Russia's Olympic Committee and diplomats file complaints over police raid on biathletes in Italy

4 days ago

Russia has already self-quarantined 2,500 people to prevent spread of KILLER coronavirus infection - Moscow mayor

4 days ago

Russia's most famous rocker enters politics: 'Leningrad' star Shnurov may RUN for SEAT in parliament

5 days ago

Kremlin: Claims of Russian backing for Trump in US election 'untrue' & down to 'paranoia'

5 days ago

God bless you, please? Tommy Robinson, activist

3 days ago

There was NO other way (by Sergey Naryshkin)

5 months ago

'We don't use private lawyers to cooperate with US' – Russian Prosecutor General's Office to RT

9 months ago

Democrats resurrect 'Russiagate' to go after both Trump and Bernie Sanders, hide their own election trickery

2 hours ago

Double standards: MSM goes with alarmist headlines over Russia's coronavirus measures... which are milder than those in EU

2 hours ago

Russiagate returns: MSM & #Resistance ecstatically exploit evidence-free NYT claim Moscow 'helping Trump in 2020'

5 days ago

Russia isn't just mapping Ireland's internet cables – it's planning to INVADE, foams Cold-War-revivalist DC think tank

5 days ago