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Turkey continues to repatriate foreign ISIS fighters, sending back 2 Dutch nationals - Middle East - photo_camera

9 hours ago

Fearing arrest, wounded Kurdish protesters avoid clinics as Iranian security forces crackdown continues

16 hours ago

Pompeo: US will sanction Iraqi officials for corruption, attacking protestors

16 hours ago

KRG Deputy PM says Iraq's problems won't be solved by constitutional reform

16 hours ago

Turkey conducted several airstrikes in the Kurdistan Region

8 hours ago

Russian forces deploy to Tishrin dam in cooperation with Kurdish forces

2 days ago

Iraqi armed forces need to be controlled by the state alone: Prime Minister

11 hours ago

Russians enter US air base near Kobani after US forces left: SDF official

5 days ago

Syrian Kurds call on Assad to accept call for dialogue

3 days ago

US Congressmen protest Erdogan visit to Washington

7 days ago

Kurdistan 24 Exclusive: US troops continue to fight ISIS but Turkish attacks ongoing

7 days ago

Dutch intelligence says IS using Turkey as base to reorganize threats to Europe

3 days ago

New Call of Duty game inspired by Kurdish female fighters

1 month ago

Pro-gov Turkish media hail execution of Syrian Kurdish politician as 'success'

1 month ago

VIDEO: ISIS leader Baghdadi killed in US raid in Syria

23 days ago

Two Dutch ISIS women show up in Turkey after escaping Syria

19 days ago

Foreign ISIS wives in Syrian camp: 'Our men are waiting for us in Turkey'

1 month ago

The KRG's ninth cabinet: On the road toward eliminating corruption - "Change reduces complacency and corruption in the government because politicians stop taking power and posts for granted."

10 days ago

Majida Sanaan-Guharzi: -- Amending Iraq's constitution is hard, but not impossible

10 days ago

Amed Demirhan: -- Conflicts of the Middle East: Turkey, Kurdistan, Syria, Iraq, and Iran...

17 days ago

Hemn Saydi: -- Syrian Kurds: A short political history (1918-2019)

18 days ago

play_circle_outline - Foreign ISIS wives in Syrian camp: 'Our men are waiting for us in Turkey' October 19-2019 - 11:25 PM

30 days ago

VIDEO: Syrian Kurds protest 'unjust' exclusion from constitutional committee

1 month ago

Tourist mini bus falls from mountain, killing three Iraqis, injuring 18 in Kurdistan

2 months ago

Evacuation of villages continues in Kurdistan as Turkish shellings intensify against PKK

2 months ago

VIDEO: Rotting animal remains litter streets of Kirkuk after Eid holiday

2 months ago