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US-China trade war

6 months ago

Why did China's US$940 billion sovereign wealth fund lose money last year?

28 minutes ago

Hong Kong property

4 months ago

HK$11.1 billion Kai Tak commercial plot back on sale – for 40 per cent less

1 hour ago

Hang Seng Index ends week as world's worst performer

1 hour ago

Shanghai free-trade zone

1 month ago

Stocks Blog: Hang Seng ends as world's worst performing major benchmark of week as protests bite

3 hours ago

Shenzhen, Hong Kong among top 10 global financial centres

12 hours ago

China makes latest bid to help trade war-hit firms with short-term rate cut

7 hours ago

Shanghai offers up to US$8.5 million to lure firms to free-trade zone

6 hours ago

Macroscope | Why it's no surprise markets are shrugging off Saudi oil attacks

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Macroscope | -- Why it's OK to be cowardly when predicting 10-year Treasury yields

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Macroscope | -- Trump knows ending the trade war will help him win in 2020

2 days ago

The View | -- No wonder Hong Kong is in crisis when society is so unequal and uncaring

3 days ago

The View | -- Hong Kong's hotel sector in free fall as violent protests deter tourists

3 days ago

Inside Out | -- Eight ways for Hong Kong to find hope again

4 days ago

Dozens of Hong Kong retailers to fold, leaving staff in the lurch

3 days ago

Causeway Bay's vacancy rate to soar as one in 10 shops stands empty

2 days ago

Hong Kong developers 'under pressure to cut prices, accelerate sales'

3 days ago

Will technology or commerce win in the rivalry of two Chinese cities?

2 days ago

Pop a cold one! Budweiser to raise US$4.8 billion in Hong Kong IPO

3 days ago

China tries to counter anger over rising pork prices

14 days ago

Keep calm: sapphire helps prevent cracked phone screens

16 days ago

China's booming pet market

24 days ago

Cathay Pacific shares expected to take off, despite protest fallout

1 month ago

Tesla's first overseas factory in China

1 month ago

The View | -- Hong Kong police have made mistakes but they have shown great restraint too

22 hours ago